I love the word ‘organising’

Here I am once again doing too much. It is nearly 9.30pm & this is the first time I have sat down all day. I know this is not good for me physically, but mentally I need to occupy my mind. Not satisfied with resuscitating my bathrooms by giving them a fresh new look, I have now started on the kitchen. Among the madness of the renovations this sounds utterly ridiculous, but my theory is why not have all the mess at once? When the dining room is finally put back together, & I move all my toys in to my new craft room the last thing I’ll want to do is create another mess. The kitchen is wallpapered, & although it is also in a hideous old lady kind of pattern, is has actually been applied professionally. This means I don’t have to strip it off, so today I’ve primed it so I can just paint over it – easy!!

I have wanted to paint one wall in blackboard paint for some time so I can have a central point for messages etc. I’m finally going to do that, as well as organize the jumble sale that is known as the cloakroom/mudroom. My type A personality gets very excited about something when the word ‘organising’ is used. I am one of those people who could spend days wondering around storage stores – I LOVE Ikea. I can talk about boxes & label machines for hours, & unless you have time to kill, don’t even get me started on lists!

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