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After waxing lyrical about the benefits of pilates I could hardly get out of bed this morning. The left side of my abs are agony & I know exactly which exercise my instructor had me doing to cause the pain. I wasn’t comfortable with any sort of twisting action before I started pilates again last year, now I’m not nearly as cautious as I used to be. Yesterday, on the reformer, I was sat on a box holding on strap in one hand with my arm out behind me. I then pulled the strap so it was in front, only twisting my rib cage. The other arm was also stretched out but not holding a strap. I remember the first couple were fine but the weight did feel a bit heavy. My instructor held my hips in position so I didn’t move them – the entire twist was done through my torso. The more I did, the heavier it began to feel but I was determined not to give in & say that.

I know I’m stupid, I still don’t listen to my body, too stubborn to speak out. Well now I’m suffering because of my stupidity. I’ve been taking painkillers all day without complete relief, & every move is done with extra care especially if it involves twisting. At least I’m out with the ‘Mom’s who need wine’ group tonight, & I’ve managed to thumb a ride from someone who is passing my way & doesn’t know how to get to where we are going – result!

Hopefully once I’ve downed a glass or two I will feel a bit better.

Pilates Vs. Physio

I’m avoiding my physio more & more. Why? Well, since starting pilates a year ago I am a lot more in tune with my body & how to keep it physically healthy. It was always my hope that I would get to a place where I didn’t rely on it so much & I think I’ve finally got there. I also think my current medication (the injections I take bi-weekly) is also the best I’ve been on yet. I have thought a few times in this past week that I should see my physio since 3 weeks have past since my last session. However, part of me wanted to go to my pilates class today & see if that helped my neck pain. Sure enough, it did!

Pilates is not a replacement for physio, I will always need to have the intense & often painfull appointments that have kept me going for so long, just not as frequently. So far I haven’t had any IMS (or needles as I often refer to them) in months now & I can honestly say I am better for the break. The difference with pilates is I can do it everyday at home, I have put the recent neck pain down to a busy period at the end of school & therefore not strictly doing my stretching. I also know that stress & tension play a very big part in how my body feels – even if I don’t realize I’m suffering from either. No amount of stretching is going to help that, but believe it or not my pilates instructor can.

I also happen to really enjoy pilates, I feel so good afterwards & my body responds very well. I think everyone could benefit from just 10 minutes of basic stretching most days of the week. I get it that’s it’s not often possible to dedicate the time, especially if you rely on your own discipline. I don’t do the same things everyday I switch them up, but there are some basic stretches & exercises I do make a point of doing.

So, if you are someone like me, even if you have problems with your back & neck without having been labeled with arthritis, take it from one that knows you only get one body so look after it & treat it to a pilates class!

Wine Vs. Wish list…

08.00 – Running club at 7am for elder child so only younger child to drop off.

08.15 – Muddy dog walk in the forest after a reasonable amount of rain.

09.15 – Stretching because I’m missing pilates today because the graduation ceremony at school means an early dismissal for the boys.

10.30 – I load up the car with the contents of hubby’s beer fridge. No I didn’t take it all to school, yesterday I did I large Costco shop with another grade 1 mum so I needed to empty the beer to accommodate the food. Why? Well, to give the grade 1’s a taster of things to come in their future years at the school, they are doing a sleepover in the gym tomorrow night. I volunteered to shop for the supplies.

I had left a few non-fridge items in the car overnight, then decided to rearrange it all this morning to accommodate all the fruit & veggie platters. I drove away at 10.50.

11.00 – I unload at school with the other mum & the teacher received it all to put it in the fridge. The parents who are cooking & preparing were picking up what they needed at the 11.30 pick up.

11.10 – We are done unloading & early for pick up so we go for coffee.

11.30 – Too busy chatting we are now late for pick up.

11.40 – I pick up 3 kids – my two & a classmate of younger child for a play date. His mum is part of the team cooking breakfast for the sleepover & she has had some difficulty establishing which part she is doing because the others don’t speak English. I told her it was probably best I take her a tray of sausages & the other can work it out between them.

11.45 – Text from the other mum ‘where is the pancake mix’. I tell her it was in the bag with the crackers, ketchup & maple syrup. Apparently there is no such bag.

11.50 – I pull up to our car port & there at the very back, where I unloaded all the bags to rearrange everything, is said bag!

I swear very loudly in my head because we have a guest, then text back, & then email the teacher apologizing. All is fine I can take it tomorrow morning when I drop off for choir.


12.00 – Drama with elder child because he is trying to take over the play date. I separate him completely & it is the end of the world of course, & not fair, & he is very sorry, & he will play nicely. I wasn’t buying any of it & I am the worst mother in the world because I have finally practiced what I preach!

12.30 – Lunch for 3 hungry boys.

13.00 – The 2 younger ones play happily. Elder child mopes around so I allow him into my craft room – under strict supervision.

14.15 – With guitars all packed up we set off to drop off the friend on the way to our lessons. I am not familiar with the area & drive past the house twice.

14.45 – Off to guitar lessons…

15.10 – My lesson is first & I totally nail the bar chords for the dreadful Jack Johnson song. I am doing so well he adds the final part of a clever strumming pattern & cancels out all my hard work.

16.00 – After the boys lessons we head home & I notice that the passenger wing mirror is hanging off – WTF!!!

18.30 – Younger child has been sporting a wide Mohawk for a while, but I promised he could have a skinny one for the summer but not until the end of school. With 2 weeks left & his camp tomorrow I gave in & took out the clippers…

He now looks like Mr. T & thinks it’s awesome (Hopefully with our principal retiring in 3 weeks he’ll not really care about it).

19.30 – Finally the boys are in bed & I really could murder a glass of something but it’s only day 4. When walking past the front door I remembered I hadn’t checked the mailbox today. You can see what I found & it was addressed to me – ME! I’ve already had a paw through it & made a wish list to take my mind off having wine!


Today I chose to…

  • be sensible & rest my poor knee
  • do some stretching to help my aching SI joint
  • do all the laundry so that tomorrow is free
  • practice my bar chords over & over again because I’m going to bloody well nail then if it’s the last thing I do!
  • make some cards
  • Eat salad for dinner so I can then eat a Hagen Daz ice cream bar & not feel guilty (I am a size 0-2, this is not something I have any business feeling guilty about)
  • relax in a hot bath & finish by book!
  • Build my Lego

Today was a good day!!

A ‘purple’ Thursday…

03.00 – Urgently required Tylenol. I don’t ever remember having a sore throat this bad.

06.15 – Really? That time already!

06.50 – Hubby leaves with elder child to drop him at running club for 7am (The only way I would ever run at that godforsaken hour is if a bear were chasing me, & we all know how that would end!)

08.00 – I drop younger child at school then on to the park with the dog. I feel a bit washed out but I think a walk will do me good.

09.05 – Back at the car I’m knackered & my knee is hurting.

09.45 – I have 1 hour before I leave for Pilates. So, laundry, switch my industrial winter sweater collection with tank tops & shorts, get dinner out of the freezer (& tomorrow’s too, how efficient is that?), organize 3 guitars for our lessons in the afternoon, & have a drink & snack while flicking through FaceBook – OMG! I discover the great purple one is gone!! What the chuff is going on this year? That’s one hell of a super group that’s being put together up there in the clouds.

11.00 – I love Pilates. Even though my knee is still not right, my instructor always finds a way around it without irritating it more. At some point during my class my phone whistles 3 times in a row while my legs are strung up like something out of a Fifty Shades scene. I am sure its just hubby, but my instructor was worried that it was important because it doesn’t normally go off that much. She hands me my bag… I dig out the phone… the only text that I see is the last one he sent… ‘Blimey. Now symbol is dead too #howmanymore’. My instructor asks is everything all right (We had just been talking about the sad loss of Prince), I reply with the words of hubby’s text. We actually both laughed, he clearly thought it was vital that I know this.

14.00 – In less than 2 hours I have done two more loads of laundry, sewn 2 buttons on a shirt, repaired a pair of school pants, cut out a BBQ & stuck down it’s fire pit, then stamped & embossed the word ‘RETIREMENT’ for our principal’s card.

14.30 – Today I started learning bar chords & will now need to practice for 4 hours a day everyday so I can string at least 2 of them together by next week.

15.10 – The usual mad dash along the road to school to pick up the boys & then back to the music shop for their lessons.

15.30 – I chill out in the little sitting room for half an hour & catch up on my Twitter feed, pin some cards to make, & play two rounds of patience almost beating my personal best.

16.30 – The boys are quick to do their homework so they can go outside & shoot some baskets. I fire up the BBQ for the first time this year & cook some rather delicious chicken that I promptly leave because both my throat & appetite refuses to let me enjoy it.

18.00 – I am very fortunate that even after a days work my husband will muck in & help with clearing up after dinner & sorting the kids out for bed – especially as I am not feeling that great by this point.

19.30 – There will be no wine tonight!

Monster shop Monday!

06.20 – Boot camp started early because the boy’s rooms are very messy & my lovely cleaner comes on a Monday, & it is not her job to pick up after them!

08.15 – We are having July weather in the middle of April so it was a gorgeous morning for a walk in the park. Somehow, despite it being very dry, Tess still managed to end the walk filthy.

09.30 – Home for a quick change, say hi to my cleaner, make a hair appointment for something new & funky (hopefully), then out to do the grocery shopping. On the way I have to replace the gym kit that elder child has lost, replace the mouth guard that younger child has lost, post our friends jacket back to him in Calgary, & get gas (gas was first or I wouldn’t have made it to the other things).

12.30 – A monster shop that included new patio throw cushions – buy one for $12 & get a second for $1 – Bargain so I bought 8!! On the way home elder child calls me to say his drama club is going to be finishing at 5.30pm because of a dress rehearsal. This is a problem (although I don’t tell him that of course) because younger child finishes at 4pm.

13.00 – Home to the bit I hate, the putting away bit.

14.00 – It was scorching out there so I set too & cleaned the BBQ. Now it will be s shame to use it because it’s so shiny & clean.

15.30 – I am getting ready to leave for school when I receive another call from elder child – He’s eaten everything & is starving, can I take him some food (I swear he has a tapeworm). I was taking food anyway knowing that he would waste away before dinner.

16.00 – Roof down, new hat on & Ed Sheeran! I drop off food in the middle of rehearsal & pick up younger child form the lobby who I allow to have a quick play for 5 minutes in the playground before home (see I can be a nice mum sometimes).

17.00 – I’ve just put dinner in the oven when elder child calls – they are finished. Now this is very inconvenient everything was planned around a 5.30 pick up (I wasn’t so nice at this point but it wasn’t really his fault). I text hubby who is on his way home & offers to pick him up.

18.30 – I am on my way to the spare room to do some stretching when I come across younger child outside his bedroom door, on the landing, pointing his Nerf gun at something at the far end. I peek round to see & to my horror he’s about to shoot Shaun the Sheep. I ask him what on earth he thinks he’s doing… ‘Lamb blasting’ he very matter of factly answers, as if this is some age old traditional sport that I should know about. Needless to say I was speechless but couldn’t help laughing, especially when he fired his gun & hit poor Shaun right between the eyes!

18.45 – While elder child & I do some Pilates I get a text from my BFF, she’s fallen asleep on the couch so will be late coming over. I am all confused at this point because I think we are getting together on Thursday. She’s in no fit state to come over anyway having just woken up so we abandon the plans & will definitely get together next Monday – I remembered eventually why she can’t do Thursday’s.

19.30 – Boys in bed & hubby is out. I am determined not to drink wine & so far my cranberry soda is no substitute but a good alternative.