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The secret life of school lockers…

Many of us often innocently say/do/imply something without realizing how it might sound to other people. Mums are possibly one of the worst for this. We are constantly watching what we say & how we say it because our innocent little darlings pick up on everything, therefore, we can often be quick at picking up on something that could easily be misinterpreted.

Yesterday one of the Motherboard mum’s asked if anyone would like some fresh herbs from her garden for Thanksgiving. She was cutting them all back before the weather turned really cold, & didn’t want to just throw them away. She had several takers. During this thread she also asked if anyone would like some Girl Guide cookies, again she had a few customers. As the thread progressed another mum asked if anyone would like fresh Bay leaves from her garden. She also had a few takers, including me.

It was decided that because we are all often in & out of school so quickly & therefore cannot guarantee seeing each other, it was probably best that the cookies & the herbs were left in our kids lockers. This is where it started to look very suspect, & we do live Vancouver where people think nothing of mixing herbs into cookies. However, we certainly don’t want to be encouraging such behavior among our children, especially when they are very vocal among the throngs of other adults when questioning why there are ‘herbs & cookies’ in their locker. One then feels one has to explain that they it’s not what they think, they are ‘fresh herbs from a friends garden’ & ‘Girl Guide cookies because we want to show our support’.

Sadly, I forgot to prime my 7 year old & explain that he would find one of these ‘dodgy’ items in his locker. I already have my cookies, but my bay leaves were deposited in his locker this morning. He thought they we just a bag of old leaves so he promptly deposed of them in the playground, watching them all blow away in the breeze was very fun apparently!

So there you have it, the secrets that can be held within your child’s locker, it could open a whole lot of news doors for all kinds of swapping, & smuggling, & the exchange of ‘goods’. I’m sure it’s all been done before, but it would make a interesting plot for a crime novel.

Absolutely Fabulous!

Girls night out at the cinema – with a cheeky Bellini before to catch up with my BFF. We’ve both been on vacation so hadn’t seen each other in forever.

Of course there was only one movie 2 ex-Brits needed to see…

It was outrageous, silly, far fetched & utterly ridiculous in parts, but, it was Absolutely Fabulous darling!!

Kayaking with Cedric Diggory & A grizzly bear

We are all home safely after a great week of family time & believe it or not, relaxation. Although the mountain weather was fairly typical we still managed to…

  • Kayak, both boys going solo for the first time & doing amazingly well.
  • The boys swam in the lake.
  • The dog was in heaven at all the new aroma’s that the forest had to offer, we walked her in there most days.
  • I was really good about stretching most days, even took my yoga mat down to the dock & did pilates in the sunshine.
  • Played ‘Whiffle ball’, a crazy golf kind of set up that one of the locals has made in the forest. 19 holes of fun that anyone can have a go at, there were golf clubs of all sizes with whiffle balls, & gnomes watching over you as you lose your balls. A neighbor in a cabin 2 doors down told us about it last September just as we were about to leave so it was high on the list of things to find this time. What was really great about it was the boys could take them selves off to play without us, it’s completely free & nobody else was seen using it.
  • We barbequed most nights while drinking Mason jar G&T’s.
  • After dinner we all played a board game, the kids thrashing us at Harry Potter trivial pursuit!
  • Hubby & I then read, did grown up colouring or I scrapbooked while enjoying peace & quite with a glass of something.
  • We had lazy sleep-ins, even the dog wouldn’t move some mornings until I got up.
  • The cats came too. I don’t think Salt moved off the top bunk all week, she just slept & watched the birds. Pepper, who is much more sociable hung out with us in front of the fire.
  • We saw some wildlife, a young grizzly bear on the driving range in the local village. A few dear, & discovered a Marmot lives under the front deck. He used to tease the cats & the dog by sitting on the deck outside the glass front door.
  • We even made ice cream with younger child’s ice cream ball that older child bought him for his birthday – & it was delicious. Basically you put the ingredients in one side, ice & salt in the other & roll it around the floor for twenty minutes, au voila… ice cream!

It didn’t matter that it wasn’t blazing sunshine every day like it was a couple of years ago when we were there. It was quality family time & a lot of fun for everyone, I think even the cats were happy to be cozied up with us in a quarter of the space they are normally used to. It was the kind of family vacation that you can’t put a price on, & will be one to remember in many years time – the one where I got the name of the contestant in the tri-wizard contest from the Goblet of Fire mixed up & called him Seamus Diggory instead of Cedric. They all thought this was hilarious, you will too if you have read Harry Potter & know who Seamus is.

… And we are STILL on vacation for the rest of the week with more adventures to come.