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Super feet!

Popped over the border today with the dog & kids in tow – so they could play on the beach & have ice cream of course…

I picked up these rather awesome & ‘super’ cool Converse while we were there. I’ve never owed a pair of Converse before & I have to say I’m impressed, my pigs glided into them & were very comfy in there when I tried them on – they even have laces with little Superman signs on!

I might have to watch Batman Vs Superman now…

Totally geeking out!!

Yes, I will admit it to the world that I have been a dedicated Henry Cavill fan for over a decade now. I can still remember the first episode of ‘The Tudors’ he appeared in (as I’ve watched it many times, the sad individual that I am), it had me completely hooked on the man you now all now know as ‘Superman’. I was there for the opening of ‘Man of Steel’, & today I subjected my whole family to my sad obsession & took them to see ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice’. My husband, god bless him, has even been known to feed my habit by taking me to see ‘The Man From Uncle’ on my birthday last year, even though we were both jetlagged having just arrived back from France the night before – now that’s love!

Today did not disappoint, it was just as complicated & spectacular as you would expect, & after my husband walked through the cinema & sat watching ‘The Force Awakens’ in full Yoda costume, my younger son & I totally geeked out too by wearing appropriate attire. He totally owned the miniature version of Henry’s costume, cape & all, while I proudly wore my MOS t-shirt. Had the temperature been in double figures I might have stepped out in my fabulous Wonder Woman costume, but sadly it was still a little chilly for me. We had the full on heart stopping, Lycra clad IMAX experience; I swear I could almost touch him… now there’s a thought.

Anyway if I don’t stop now I will continue to bore you all even more with my middle age crush because if the truth be known I am probably Mr. C’s No.1 fan, in fact there’s no probably about it!!