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The decision…

It wasn’t easy but it’s the only thing left. Last week after a discussion with my rheumatologist, my surgeon agreed to open up my knee. I was desperately hoping that it would happen sooner rather than later, but sadly not. I shouldn’t complain really, being married to a physician has its perks, well a perk actually, they all know someone who can help & we usually don’t have to wait as long as everyone else to be seen.

I was quite overwhelmed by the conversations we had had last week that I forgot to ask questions I would normally think of spontaneously. It wasn’t until I saw my rheumatologist the following day that it became apparent I wasn’t the kind of patient that can drop everything & have surgery. Yes, organizing the family is one thing, but my medication suppresses my immune system, therefore putting me at risk of infection, a surgical procedure means I must stop my injections before surgery. Then, once I am definitely on the mend I can start them again. As you can imagine the thought of stopping the one thing that keeps me physically active scares me, especially when it’s for a situation in which I will be temporarily less active than normal.

Today it was confirmed that hoping a cancellation would get me in sooner was not going to work really. I know a scheduled date gives me/us time to plan, but I really didn’t expect it to be August. It’s just typical that they can’t fit me in for the week my husband is on vacation. And of course it’s the same week we are supposed to be going on a big group camping trip for a friends significant birthday celebration. And the same week I am expected to do jury service, which I really wanted to do.

I know it’s great that something is finally being done, but it has screwed my life up enough, why does it have to continue to spoil my summer too?

A very important letter…

Official letters usually come in an official looking envelopes, especially the ones that say ‘Ministry of Justice, Sheriff Services’. I’m a law abiding citizen, I think I would remember if I’d done something I shouldn’t, & if it was a few weeks ago when I was out drinking with the girls I think it would have caught up with me before now! However, it still didn’t occur to me that this letter contained something quite the opposite…

As I slid the pale blue form out of the envelope the first thing I read was ‘In the Supreme Court of British Columbia’ along with ‘Juror Summons’. I have to be honest & say that my stomach did a summersault of excitement – Me? Really? I’ve only been a citizen for 4 years, however I am quite good at Cluedo & can usually tell who did it before I’m half way through the book/movie/TV series.

Now, first of all, this is just for jury selection. If I am to be chosen I will attend a 10-day trial (2 weeks really because it’s Mon-Fri). I didn’t even get the chance to do this in the UK, & honestly I think it would be really interesting to see how a real trial works – in any system. Friends are giving me all sorts of advice on how to dodge the system & get out of it, but I want to do it, why would anyone not want to do it? Is it me just being nosey or inquisitive? Am I seriously lacking some excitement in my life? No actually, I think it is quite an honour to be selected – until they meet me & mutter under their breath ‘who the hell selected her?’. Whatever, I will turn up & just be me & if that suits them great if not I can still at least say I had that experience.

HOW EXCITING… & I can now drink wine too!!