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Have I mentioned…

Clear blue sky, 25 degrees =

Deposit children at school for their drumming summer camp.

Walk dog in cool forest for 45 minutes (leasing her to do the slight hill at the end because it would take 1hour 45minutes if I didn’t).

Rehydrate self & dog on return home before slapping on sunscreen & bikini top to maximize tanning opportunity.

Do stretching routine while sunscreen soaks in.

Set up ironing board on the patio (I only iron twice a year & usually in summer).

Proceed to iron while slowing baking.

Exhausted now – protein smoothie for lunch while soaking up more rays reading book.

Freshen up before physio appointment & head to the torture chamber.

Proceed to pick up the drummers before preparing a BBQ dinner.

Eat al fresco.

Repeat again tomorrow – minus the ironing!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE summer?

Pilates Vs. Physio

I’m avoiding my physio more & more. Why? Well, since starting pilates a year ago I am a lot more in tune with my body & how to keep it physically healthy. It was always my hope that I would get to a place where I didn’t rely on it so much & I think I’ve finally got there. I also think my current medication (the injections I take bi-weekly) is also the best I’ve been on yet. I have thought a few times in this past week that I should see my physio since 3 weeks have past since my last session. However, part of me wanted to go to my pilates class today & see if that helped my neck pain. Sure enough, it did!

Pilates is not a replacement for physio, I will always need to have the intense & often painfull appointments that have kept me going for so long, just not as frequently. So far I haven’t had any IMS (or needles as I often refer to them) in months now & I can honestly say I am better for the break. The difference with pilates is I can do it everyday at home, I have put the recent neck pain down to a busy period at the end of school & therefore not strictly doing my stretching. I also know that stress & tension play a very big part in how my body feels – even if I don’t realize I’m suffering from either. No amount of stretching is going to help that, but believe it or not my pilates instructor can.

I also happen to really enjoy pilates, I feel so good afterwards & my body responds very well. I think everyone could benefit from just 10 minutes of basic stretching most days of the week. I get it that’s it’s not often possible to dedicate the time, especially if you rely on your own discipline. I don’t do the same things everyday I switch them up, but there are some basic stretches & exercises I do make a point of doing.

So, if you are someone like me, even if you have problems with your back & neck without having been labeled with arthritis, take it from one that knows you only get one body so look after it & treat it to a pilates class!

Technical bliss…

07.30 – We made it to choir on time – again!!

08.00 – Drop younger child in his classroom after doing his reading in the car.

08.15 – After chatting to his teacher (nothing to do with school just socializing) I head to my class parent AGM.

08.30 – Why do I go to all the meetings? Free coffee of course. I volunteer quite a lot at school because I can & it’s important to me that the boys see that I am willing to give up valuable crafting/shopping/social time for the benefit of others. It keeps me busy & my mind active, & of course there is a social side of it. Their school is very much a community & I can honestly say it has that feel about it. I don’t mind giving up time to keep be a part of that.

09.30 – Home to my girl who is grumpy that there has been no walk in the park this morning.

09.50 – The technician from our home security company arrives to fix the mess the first guy left 2 months ago. This guy is a senior techy & listens to me complaining about the first guy. He wants to let the owner of the company because the way the first guy behaved was highly unacceptable & needs to be taken further… oh dear!

10.30 – After changing beds & doing laundry I decide that it’s high time my personal inbox has a spring clean.

12.30 – The technician is having a nightmare fixing the problem but my inbox is gleaming with space. I have sent oodles of mail replying & cancelling & questioning & arranging…

13.00 – The tech is finally done! I have moved on to making teacher thank you cards…

13.45 – Off to the torture chamber…

14.00 – There is a new receptionist at physio who doesn’t know me – doesn’t she understand I practically pay her wages?

14.30 – I refused needles again because I’m bordering on phobia status but he just as mean to me as always.

14.45 – Quickly pop into the pharmacy on the way to school to pick up my Humira, my hair is admired by several – even the owner!

15.05 – School pickup. Remember younger son raided the recycling & took it to school for a project. Well you can imagine how thrilled I was when he proudly marched out of the classroom having made a TV out of it all – now I’ll never get rid of it!

15.40 – Elder child’s turn for hockey so I throw an omelette together for him while having ANOTHER discussion with younger child about the importance of eating his lunch at school. It is calling for drastic measures to prove a point – All Nerf guns have been confiscated until further notice.

08.00 – After guitar practice, spellings, making lunches, reading, baths, & feeding elder child again all is calm in world again… time to build Lego!



Another exhausting Sunday of sun!

08.30 – Yay a sleep in!

10.00 – Hubby & the boys mysteriously disappear off & I request more bags of compost while they are out (Mother’s day next weekend so this is looking quite promising).

12.00 – I’m planting…

12.30 – They return & the boys want to play with the hose pipe – so I regrettably give them the Nerf water guns I had hidden away for the summer – instant hit I am the best mum in the world. However the dog hates me because there is a Nerf war breaking out on her territory & I started it!

13.00 – I’m lifting & moving things that I shouldn’t be (but then I am secretly Wonder Woman!), but it is patio weather & I need to be able to sit out at every opportunity.

14.30 – Urgent shower required as hubby invited his fellow & her family around (Two boys the same age so win win for my boys & grown up time a done deal). They are due at any time & I am filthy.

15.30 – Guests arrive, boys get on instantly but there are not enough Nerf guns – guess what I’ll be buying next week in Costco? The dog is now barking at the new recruits because it has now escalated to world war 3.

17.00 – After I disappear off for an unpleasant date with my physio, wine & painkillers make it all all right when I get back (You do know they work better if you take them with wine?). Now I can join the party properly despite the fact my neck & shoulders are on fire.

18.00 – Gotta love a BBQ & outdoor eating on May 1st.

19.30 – We finally manage to separate all the boys after a fun afternoon suddenly  remembering that is still school tomorrow.

20.30 – Finishing the wine because it would be a shame to waste it!

All hugs welcome…

Manipulation, IMS, & ultrasound, that’s what it took to sort out my SI pain, and now I feel like I’ve been run over by a train. I don’t know where to put myself, because it wasn’t just the SI that needed sorting out; my neck & lower back weren’t in great shape either. I was trying to see if I could go two weeks without physio, something I periodically try because I’m so sick of being beaten up every week. I hate having needles, and I resent paying to be tortured. Was it worth it? Of course not, what I went through today was the worst I’ve had to endure in sometime.

With only my dog for company (snoring next to me), because hubby’s at work, I’m not even sure I want to write. I know if I try it won’t be productive, I barely slept last night because I was so uncomfortable, so staring at a computer screen is not a good idea. I don’t even want wine – but I have had chocolate so I’m obviously not too out of sorts. I feel a bit spaced because of my painkillers, but that could also be tiredness too, they don’t always make me feel like this. I haven’t even picked up my guitar today, & I’ve been so good practicing everyday.

My only hope now is that I can get some sleep, & tomorrow will not be as bad as it can be after such a horrible session.

All virtual hugs welcome 🙂