A very important letter…

Official letters usually come in an official looking envelopes, especially the ones that say ‘Ministry of Justice, Sheriff Services’. I’m a law abiding citizen, I think I would remember if I’d done something I shouldn’t, & if it was a few weeks ago when I was out drinking with the girls I think it would have caught up with me before now! However, it still didn’t occur to me that this letter contained something quite the opposite…

As I slid the pale blue form out of the envelope the first thing I read was ‘In the Supreme Court of British Columbia’ along with ‘Juror Summons’. I have to be honest & say that my stomach did a summersault of excitement – Me? Really? I’ve only been a citizen for 4 years, however I am quite good at Cluedo & can usually tell who did it before I’m half way through the book/movie/TV series.

Now, first of all, this is just for jury selection. If I am to be chosen I will attend a 10-day trial (2 weeks really because it’s Mon-Fri). I didn’t even get the chance to do this in the UK, & honestly I think it would be really interesting to see how a real trial works – in any system. Friends are giving me all sorts of advice on how to dodge the system & get out of it, but I want to do it, why would anyone not want to do it? Is it me just being nosey or inquisitive? Am I seriously lacking some excitement in my life? No actually, I think it is quite an honour to be selected – until they meet me & mutter under their breath ‘who the hell selected her?’. Whatever, I will turn up & just be me & if that suits them great if not I can still at least say I had that experience.

HOW EXCITING… & I can now drink wine too!!

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