Monthly Archives: November 2013

Back to the beginning…

Once again I have a million things going on in normal everyday life, but that’s mainly because it’s almost December & I agree to stupid things like hosting my husband’s department Christmas party!! I remember this time last year frantically putting the house straight following renovations. I would suddenly stop whatever I was doing to make whatever crazy notes had popped into my head, unbeknown to me at the time, a story was beginning to develop. So, as the chaos of real life continues a year on, I have already revisited my first 5 chapters AGAIN! Scrutinizing, adding, removing & re-polishing AGAIN! When I think back to how those early chapters looked at the beginning, no wonder my husband didn’t really take me seriously!

My first few steps…

Today I started a new book… no, not writing, reading!
I’ve been so caught up in my own fictional world that other peoples have completely passed me by. So I’m reading ‘Crush’, a book my publisher gave me to try – WOW! My publisher, words I never thought I’d say… EVER!!
It was only this time last year that my own fictional life started to evolve, while walking my new puppy, Tess. She’s my exercise you see, the only exercise I’m able to do, something that I hate saying, something that wish could change, but never will.