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Poor hubby…

He always takes vacation the week of his birthday (usually because I’m going to Vegas with the girls, but not this year sadly). This morning we did presents & cards before he did the school run & walked the dog. I had to go into school for 11 to finish the Gala projects, then I was going to take him out for a birthday lunch. The first thing to go wrong was the coffeemaker, & you know how I am about my coffee. Sure we could make Keurig’s or Nespresso’s but we use our drip coffeemaker every morning for breakfast & it’s set on a timer so it’s always ready. No auto drip coffee would be a right pain.

So I had the thought that we could luncheon on Granville street & pop in Williams & Sonoma to purchase a new one. First we went to the little Bistro I had been wanting to try for a while, but they were closed on Monday’s (oops, should have checked that!). Instead I suggested a restaurant across the street we hadn’t been to in years. Williams & Sonoma was on our way. We browse the coffeemakers & make our selection but ask if they can keep it for us until we’ve had lunch – by this time we were both starving.

On our way to lunch I realize that I’d missed a couple of calls from school. There was also a message from younger child, which is a first. Poor thing had not felt well in the later part of the morning, had eaten lunch & promptly threw up. Hubby was clearly not allowed to have his birthday lunch on his birthday. We headed straight to school to pick up our sick 7 year old. He did look a bit peeky but by the time we got home he was keen to do his homework & help me set up the new coffeemaker. Needless to say the little ‘fraud’ then watched a movie & drank plenty with no signs of any vomiting. He then complained of hunger at dinner time but I refused to allow him to have the casserole, just in case. Soup & dry bread for you mate!

After all that I’m happy to say he’s fine, & will definitely be going back to school tomorrow in the hope that at some point in this week off I can try again to take hubby for lunch, & this time it will be to the bistro I intended togo to in the first place.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, understanding hubby!

The Play Palace…

It’s that time of year when everything is being wrapped up at school; therefore everyone is in summer mode. There is always an end of year party or a treat for the kids, especially the younger ones, & these invariably end up at the same places year after year. Once again my younger son joined his classmates (from both grade 1 classes) for 2 hours of germ infested inflatable fun! That’s right people, the play palace is nothing like its name would have you believe. Not in the slightest.

To be fair to whoever had the idea, it’s a pretty cool use of space. What is normally an ice rink in the winter months is defrosted in spring & filled with giant slides, bouncy castles, plasma cars, basketball hoops & table tennis. I first discovered it the summer after child number 2 was born. At that time they had a toddler area & also had designated times when they only allowed children under 5 in. This was great for a mum like me, struggling with the beginnings of my disease, chasing around after a 2 year old, & juggling a 6 month-old baby. At that time I didn’t really consider what a cesspit of bacteria it was, I was so desperate to entertain my toddler to care really. I suppose at the end of the day it’s all about immunity – or at least that’s how I justify it now!

You discover very quickly that it doesn’t seem to matter how tired they are it is almost impossible to extract them from that place. After we arrive I placed a bet that it would only take 45 minutes for the first meltdown to occur… it was 49 minutes actually so I was pretty darn accurate. That is a sad sign that I have spent too much time in that place, which is probably why I hate it so much. Toward the end of our allotted time there were several parents around the arena trying to talk down their 7 year-olds. There was stomping, pet lips, & folded arms all accompanied with tears & wailing. I consider myself to be very lucky, my two got a 5 minutes warning then knew it was time to leave (somewhat reluctantly, but they didn’t put up much of a fight). In fact it was my husband whom I almost had to physically remove from the table tennis table, challenging another dad!

Needless to say it’s a great way for parents to also catch up. There are some people we either only see in passing, or not at all. However, I do hope next year they consider grade 2 kids to be too old for such shenanigans, I really need a change of venue & not run the risk of my kids missing the final days of school through illness!

We loved it!!

It was a risk we were willing to take because we both loved the book. I knew from the trailers that, for me, the main characters had been cast well. All I could hope was they didn’t mess with the story…

I can remember reading the back of the book when I bought it, intrigued at how a quadriplegic could be the main character of a romance. Of course, it’s that that makes it very poignant, especially in this day & age when the right to die with dignity is frequently debated. I think I should say that although it sounds like we may have sat in the cinema keeping Kleenex in business, we also laughed out loud – & many times. The story is set in England; therefore the very British way of dealing with emotion is to crack jokes, & this is very apparent from beginning to end.

Did they stick to the story? Very much so, however there were some interesting & more realistic events in the book that they chose not to elaborate on, but I think that was just two nurses opinions because we know how important some minor details can be when diagnosing. They did change one thing, that I thought in the book was not right or fair anyway. The movie didn’t very obviously change it, more insinuated & left you to think for yourself – a perfect way of not quite sticking to the story but not changing it outright either.

There were very few dry eyes left by the time Ed Sheeran sung Photograph, a song that would bring anyone to tears if you put into that context, especially if you’ve read the book. By that point the director had moved you so much that you couldn’t help be touched by the heartbreaking reality of the inevitable. Yes it’s sad. Yes it’s heart-rendering. Yes it will upset you. However, it will also liberate any pity you feel for either characters situations, putting many of your own thoughts, feelings, experiences & life into perspective.

It’s well worth seeing, especially for any fan of JoJo Moyles work, but if you haven’t read the book, promise me you’ll do that first?

Vomiting Veronica, Vitamix, Dyson fan, nuts & everything!

06.30 – Younger child vomiting so my day has gone to hell in a handcart before it’s even started!

07.00 – Hubby is on an admin day so offers to stay home to work, then I can run my errands.

07.45 – Mad panic because I think he’s taking elder child to school. I was stuck with ‘vomiting Veronica’ & didn’t realize elder child had not had breakfast already – we normally leave at 07.50!

08.00 – After heated words about crossed wires I’m off to school & hubby is left with ‘VV’.

09.00 – Laundry than walk the dog.

09.45 – Off to Costco to buy a Dyson fan so my in-laws don’t melt in our spare room.

10.45 – Exit Costco minus the fan, but replaced it with a Vitamix instead!! (In my defense it was an offer too good to miss before they crank the prices up because of the US dollar)

12.00 – Made an awesome smoothie- nuts & everything.

13.00 – ‘VV’ is returning to his former self & declaring imminent starvation if I don’t feed him.

13.30 – Make school uniform list for grandma to bring with her.

14.30 – Order Dyson fan online, 100 bucks cheaper than Costco – 2 bargains in one day!!

15.15 – Hubby picks up elder child & the teacher in the other grade 4 class asks him if he thought I would like to help her with a face painting station at Sports Day next week. Haven’t done it in years but hey why not!

15.30 – Dug out the face paints…

15.45 – Hubby & elder child return home to younger child sporting an angry bird on his forehead, Captain America shield on one cheek & a snake down the side of the other!

16.00 – I persuade elder child to allow me to practice a butterfly…

16.15 – Not bad, I think I might just manage to pull this off.

16.30 – After arranging to off-load my needy dog to Java’s residence for the day, I confirm with the teacher that it’s game on! My boys suggest I paint my face like Wonder Woman & go in fancy dress – I’m SO EXCITED!!!

19.30 – It’s now day 8… I could murder a glass of wine!