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They say write everyday…

… well somedays you just don’t feel like writing. Not because you have nothing to say, you just don’t feel like it.Then other days you just want to write all day & all night. I don’t think it should be forced, writing for the sake of it is not going to make you a better writer. Write what you want, when you want & how you want, because you are writing for you & nobody else!

… possibly pink!

It’s hard work getting organized to go on vacation but I think we are finally there. This time tomorrow we will be relaxing in a lakeside cabin drinking something white, or maybe red, or possibly pink. The sun will be setting on the other side of the lake turning the mid summer sky vibrant shades of orange & red – possibly pink. Sadly it is not our cabin, but when I’m there I pretend it is. I love it so much that not only do we return every year at some point (usually in summer) I also based my 4th novel around it. I hope hubby’s work colleague never finds out what I get up to in his cozy holiday home as my other self!

The week ahead will hopefully be spent down by the lake. The boys love it too; kayaking, canoeing, & swimming are just a few fun activities they enjoy. Their imagination never ceases to amaze me, & what they can turn a jetty into. This is how kids should spend summer, in the great outdoors covered in Mother Nature & glowing through the dirt of the day – possibly even a bit pink from the strength of the sun. They eat & sleep well, enjoying slightly later nights playing family games & creating memories – even the dog crashes out easily. The cats come too, appreciating not being left out & abandoned in the vet with a fraction of the space. They love watching the wildlife & then curling up on a comfy knee at the end of the day.

There is no phone signal, no Internet & no TV. It is what very few kids appreciate these days, encouraging good quality family time & teaches our boys how to enjoy the company of those around them without always relying on technology for entertainment. And yes, they complain about only being allowed a very short time to play Minecraft, but once we engage them in something we can all play a part in they soon forget, especially with a bowl of chips & a glass of Lemonade close by – possibly even pink!

I’m signing off now, for about ten days – I’m officially on vacation…


Dear Telus…

I’m not sure why we broke up all those years ago, maybe it’s because Rogers gave us a better deal, but really it doesn’t matter – we are over! You seem to still have some trouble dealing with this, & I have gone out of my way to be very unpleasant to you during recent encounters. There is nothing worse than a cold calling company that won’t give up. I don’t know what part of ‘I’m not interested’ you don’t understand? You are not the only service provider you know despite what you might think.

It might interest you to know that we have recently reduced our Shaw package, so whatever deal you were trying to cut was never going to be a big win for you anyway. Unless you can provide over 500 cable channels that actually screen something worth watching I’m not interested. Then there is the robotic way in which your people communicate, here’s the thing, if you are going to try & entice new customers to move over to your dark side don’t insult their intelligence by trying to seduce them with a scripted speech, especially if your staff don’t actually speak English & can’t pronounce half the words correctly.

After receiving more than one cold call a month for so long now I don’t remember, last month I thought we had finally brought you down. By disconnecting our landline you were no longer able to stalk us with your robotic minions. I would no longer get angry interrupting the preempted text as they continued to read even though I clearly was not interested. I did not enjoy cutting you off, it did not make for a calm day, but I can say that the satisfaction I eventually gained from jabbing my forefinger on that button in the end was very powerful. All of this is now no more, or so I thought…

I am not surprised you have now stooped this low. Although I have to say trying to win our hearts back with food is quite clever. Suffice to say, I’m STILL not interested! I really don’t care what you might have to offer us anymore, even if you have the latest movies or TV shows, fastest internet connection or coolest phones, the bag of microwave popcorn you sent me is frankly a rather pathetic attempt at marketing. You didn’t even have the balls to deliver it your self you just sent it in the regular mail. Now, if you were going to shout us a meal for two at Hawksworth – with a babysitter & a cab thrown in – I might be prepared to listen for 5 minutes, but popcorn – really?

Have a word with yourself & please don’t bother us again WE ARE NOT INTERESTED!