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One thing led to another…

… & before a realized what I was doing I’d rearranged half the room. My craft room is great, I love it. However, I still wasn’t sure I had some if the things in the right place yet. Today, when I was clearing away one project ready to start another one, I began to feel like all I was doing was moving deck chairs on the Titanic. Every where I wanted to put something down there was already something else in it’s way. So I would move that somewhere else & then later want to put something else there, & so it went on.

I’m suffering from insomnia again at the moment. My neck is causing me a lot of discomfort, for reasons that are not very clear. I have some stuff fogging my brain & clouding my thoughts – both during the day & at night. I know I’m not on the ball right now, I’ve given the boys each other’s lunches a few times now, & is not always easy for them to switch at school. I’m forgetting things & behaving clumsy. It’s not a bad thing that I am just hanging out at home for most of this week, less likely to get into any serious trouble. Instead, I could have gotten my self into a right pickle moving shelves, but of course I didn’t think of that at the time, or how bad it would be for my neck!

Still, it’s done now & I think it will work better to have all my card making & scrapbooking stuff occupying one corner of the room instead of either side of my big craft table. I now have my eye on our old dining room table to put my sewing machine on, but it’s currently being stored in a different part of the house. I think it best that I save that for another rainy day.


I am sooooo…


I nearly fell asleep eating dinner. A weekend of camping & a bad nights sleep last night – oh & not to mention the fact it’s only 2 weeks today since I had my surgery so I’m still healing  – has finally caught up with me. Therefore, it’s probably best I don’t try & write anything intelligent.

Ok, so I don’t normally write anything intelligent – leave me alone I’m tired!

Day 1 of my confinement…

I didn’t sleep that well, as you can imagine getting comfortable wasn’t easy. The industrial strength painkillers work well but I stiffen up quite easily so getting out of bed was challenging. They also make me a bit spaced out so doing anything constructive while resting was also difficult. Then there is the issue of not being able to shower because I need my wound to heal for at least 5 days. My BFF ‘acquired’ some thick plastic bags & tape that is used in the OR to cover equipment & keep it sterile so I’ll try one of those tomorrow morning. This morning it was hard enough getting dressed, I think a shower would have required a 2-hour nap afterwards.

While hubby ran around dropping off elder child at camp & attending an appointment we both should have been at, younger child & I snuggled up on the sofa & watched Matilda. We have read the book but had not seen the movie. Then, although I was feeling quite tired, we built his model C3PO. By lunchtime I was done & couldn’t keep my eyes open, so hubby took him out on his new rollerblades before picking elder child up. I crashed out for that 2-hour nap.

I must confess to having had a sneaky look at the wound incision. After learning the final extent of the surgery instinct was telling me that 3cms wasn’t quite big enough for her to do what she did. I was right, it looks to be more like 2, maybe even 3, inches down the outside of my right knee. It’s fine I really don’t care as I can already walk with my foot straight which I haven’t been able to do for about 9 months now. Although, that’s only when I do load up on pain relief, when it wears off I really do feel like someone has taken a hammer & chisel to my knee & walking is not fun – especially when you need the bathroom!

Hubby is showing very little sympathy when I omit doses, which is fair enough, when you are married to a doctor you really do have to be on life support to get any sort of loving care. I’m the same in return mind you, & if the truth be known I hate being fussed over. I have had lots of thoughtful messages, texts & phone calls wishing me well so I know that I can count on some good friends if I need them, even the dog is being more attentive than usual. Hopefully by tomorrow I will not feel so battered & tired, & I can at least sit on my sofa fort & do colouring.

Me & my marvellous Mini!

06.15 – YAY! Another rested sleep, waking up to sunshine & no choir practice today.

08.15 – A slightly chilly but beautiful walk in the park with some of the usual suspects.

09.15 – Driving home & the flat tire light comes on! Our minivan is already waaaay overdue for it’s service & we need them to also change over the winter tires, but a flat in a winter tire is an expensive add-on – not happy.

09.30 – Back at base I inform hubby of the good news. I have some errands to run that are not close to home & I wasn’t sure I would get everything in my Mini. Apparently I should trust my own words & never underestimate a Mini – especially a soft top because you can pack even more into that bad boy!

10.00 – Phone call from teacher mum, her son is off school with the dreaded virus so won’t be going to hockey. I feel terrible that I have passed it onto to the poor wee guy. This also changes our child swapping plan so I call hubby, leave a message, text him, call again – still no answer.

12.30 – It would appear that you can fit 8 cases of wine, 9 plants, 8 window boxes & me in a Cooper S with room to spare. I call hubby again – no answer…

13.30 – Bar chords practice is going very badly, I hope my teacher will be patient with me on Thursday, especially after I tell him that I have spent most the past week on my deathbed.

14.20 – Finally speak to hubby who has only just received my text – GRRRR! & none of my calls – double GRRRR! We rearrange our plan & now I’m late for a meeting…

14.35 – The mum I’m meeting to finalize our staff appreciation breakfast arrangements for Friday is also late!

14.50 – We spend 5 minutes arranging the final details & 15 minutes of gossiping!!

15.10 – Normal civilized pick up – or so I thought. Elder child already knew he wasn’t being picked up by teacher mum so he was waiting for me, ready to pounce & request food to feed Boris (that is what we have now named his tapeworm!). Younger child hasn’t eaten all of his so I just hand elder child the food bag & tell him to vacuum up whatever he wants from there. Younger child then gets the third degree on the way home for not eating his lunch – AGAIN!!

16.15 – The same routine before field hockey applied but was just easier with just one child. Hubby arrives home & I leave to pick up elder child from Track & Field practice.

16.40 – Elder child informs me on the way home that the track meet tomorrow does not have transport to the field – I have to take him & his first event is at 9am. He is supposed to be there 45 minutes before… I am officially Wonder Woman as I will need to be in 2 places at once! I completely lose it in the car because this is the first that this has been mentioned – also my fault for not reading the email in full too but that’s a separate rant altogether.

17.00 – I have been given half an hours grace because he discovers that his first event is not until 9.30. We make an agreement that from now on he needs to check with us before signing up for these events – especially if there is no transport… yeah right, & I will bump into Henry Cavill tomorrow while looking fabulous after having my hair done!

18.00 – Friends again we play our guitars together…

19.00 – Now that I’m feeling much better I really need a glass of wine!



All is right in the world until…

07.45 – The radio gently woke me after a much better night’s sleep propped up on several pillows. For the first time in almost a week I felt rested.

08.00 – It’s quite nice occasionally to get up on a Monday morning & wonder down stairs in my pj’s to let the dog out & make tea. My throat is still sore, so I knocked that on the head with some Tylenol. The boys join me for a more civilized breakfast than we normally have on a school day – not that I’m advocating they have more pro-d days, but you know, occasionally.

09.00 – Serious bad hair situation now that it needs cutting & colouring, it really wasn’t worth wasting time on so it was definitely a hat day.

09.30 – My lovely cleaner is pottering around as my friend drops her daughter off (one of younger child’s school friends), so she can go to work for the morning.

09.45 – It’s off to the park to walk the dog, where the kids play hide & seek & the dog gives away their hiding places every time – but they just don’t seem to get it.

11.15 – Back at base, my friend is done at work & is on her way. We enjoy a cuppa & a catch up, then she offers to take my boys to her house so I can go & buy my plants in Costco – win win all round!!

14.30 – After dropping of my annuals off I leg down to my friends house to pick up the boys.

15.30 – When we arrive home & I notice my neighbor is in & knowing that she is off down to California early on Wednesday morning there was something I needed to see her about. Of course the kids come to, & the dog & I end up having a cuppa with her because she hasn’t drawn breath yet. At some point after that hubby arrives home & sees the kids in the her garden, they say we are all over there – he joins us to for a cuppa too – it’s all very sociable.

17.00 – Just when I’m thinking we need to head back for dinner elder child comes into my neighbours house holding his head, blood all down his face! The gash is above his eyebrow & isn’t deep enough for stitches, but does need steri-strips – great!!! We ask younger child what happened…

Apparently his elder brother asked him to put a plastic bucket on his head, so he did & then there was blood everywhere. He thought he was in big trouble because it was his fault – but technically it wasn’t – & this is now the 2nd scar that elder child will have on his face courtesy of younger child.

18.00 – Meanwhile back at dinner, better late than never.

19.00 – MY BFF arrives, we are crafting & all is right in the world again…

Life must still go on…

04.00 – I would just like to sleep all night.

06.15 – Hubby’s alarm goes off & my head is pounding into my ears & someone has taken a cheese grater to my throat. How much longer is this going to last?

06.30 – A failed attempt to get up. I took painkillers & a throat pastille then lay back down again.

06.40 – Hubby brings me tea (he is on call & is off to work – of course). He is about to text a friend to see if they can take elder child to his Track & Field event but I stop him because I know that their events are not until the afternoon. It’s down to me.

06.50 – I successfully get up this time & have a shower. It will be a bad hair day & I don’t care. The weather looks cold & damp so I put on layers.

08.10 – We leave, I feel better but not great, & have had a small amount of breakfast.

08.35 – We arrive at the track. A different group of teachers & parents are at the tent already.

09.00 – 11.45 – Elder child competes in the high jump, shot put (which he came 5th overall in last year), & 60 & 100m sprint. He’s like me & not built for land but I am really proud of him for taking part, especially in events he hasn’t practiced much. However, our summer like weather did not take part & I can’t even begin to describe how cold I was for the entire time. I even shoehorned myself into elder child’s jacket & wore younger child’s like a super hero cape – anything to keep warm. At some point I decided to get a hot chocolate even though my throat would’nt like it. I get to the concession just as they ran out & were waiting for their urn to heat up – only about 20 minutes apparently – ONLY!!!

Younger child & I then retreat into the next building to use the washrooms & what do they have in the lobby… a hot drinks machine! I almost hugged it, & then spent the next 5 minutes trying to put change into it with white fingers (& yes I had gloves on). It was terrible but it was hot & wet!!

12.30 – Home to my poor dog who is not used to being left alone so much. I dosed myself up again as everything was pounding & aching again. The boys then chilled out in front of a movie while I had a hot bath. Crazy I know but I needed to defrost.

14.00 – Warmer & more comfortable I introduced the boys to Mr Bean (movie’s were the only thing any of us were up for).

16.00 – After feeding the animals the boys went out to shoot some baskets & I promptly fell asleep on the sofa. At some point hubby texted to say he just had a quick appendix to do then would hopefully be home in time for pizza (when I am sick a kitchen strike is inevitable).

17.30 – I wake up, the boys are in their rooms playing, my head is pounding again & there is a cat asleep on my bladder!

17.50 – Hubby’s ‘quick appendix’ was just finishing. I sort out pizza – which I can’t eat but don’t want anything anyway – the boys end up eating without daddy because he’s just leaving to walk home & they were too starving to wait.

19.00 – We all sit together to watch another movie – Inside Out – because I had promised we would do this but that was before hubby was late finishing, but we do it anyway.

21.00 – I’m done & my bed is calling… be gone with you nasty evil virus.


A ‘purple’ Thursday…

03.00 – Urgently required Tylenol. I don’t ever remember having a sore throat this bad.

06.15 – Really? That time already!

06.50 – Hubby leaves with elder child to drop him at running club for 7am (The only way I would ever run at that godforsaken hour is if a bear were chasing me, & we all know how that would end!)

08.00 – I drop younger child at school then on to the park with the dog. I feel a bit washed out but I think a walk will do me good.

09.05 – Back at the car I’m knackered & my knee is hurting.

09.45 – I have 1 hour before I leave for Pilates. So, laundry, switch my industrial winter sweater collection with tank tops & shorts, get dinner out of the freezer (& tomorrow’s too, how efficient is that?), organize 3 guitars for our lessons in the afternoon, & have a drink & snack while flicking through FaceBook – OMG! I discover the great purple one is gone!! What the chuff is going on this year? That’s one hell of a super group that’s being put together up there in the clouds.

11.00 – I love Pilates. Even though my knee is still not right, my instructor always finds a way around it without irritating it more. At some point during my class my phone whistles 3 times in a row while my legs are strung up like something out of a Fifty Shades scene. I am sure its just hubby, but my instructor was worried that it was important because it doesn’t normally go off that much. She hands me my bag… I dig out the phone… the only text that I see is the last one he sent… ‘Blimey. Now symbol is dead too #howmanymore’. My instructor asks is everything all right (We had just been talking about the sad loss of Prince), I reply with the words of hubby’s text. We actually both laughed, he clearly thought it was vital that I know this.

14.00 – In less than 2 hours I have done two more loads of laundry, sewn 2 buttons on a shirt, repaired a pair of school pants, cut out a BBQ & stuck down it’s fire pit, then stamped & embossed the word ‘RETIREMENT’ for our principal’s card.

14.30 – Today I started learning bar chords & will now need to practice for 4 hours a day everyday so I can string at least 2 of them together by next week.

15.10 – The usual mad dash along the road to school to pick up the boys & then back to the music shop for their lessons.

15.30 – I chill out in the little sitting room for half an hour & catch up on my Twitter feed, pin some cards to make, & play two rounds of patience almost beating my personal best.

16.30 – The boys are quick to do their homework so they can go outside & shoot some baskets. I fire up the BBQ for the first time this year & cook some rather delicious chicken that I promptly leave because both my throat & appetite refuses to let me enjoy it.

18.00 – I am very fortunate that even after a days work my husband will muck in & help with clearing up after dinner & sorting the kids out for bed – especially as I am not feeling that great by this point.

19.30 – There will be no wine tonight!

Sedate sort of Saturday…

08.05 – I opened my eyes this morning & the first thing that popped into my head was… no pain in my knee. Although I still have issues with getting comfortable I had slept the best in a long time – might have had something to do with the craziness of the week & a large G&T.

08.30 – No sigh of hubby (who was dead to the world when I exited the bedroom), the boys don’t seem too bothered about breakfast, & the dog hasn’t barked once. I make a bucket of tea.

08.45 – The boys appear (starving of course because they could smell the croissants) & a very sleepy who is still not quite back to normal. I need a comforting bowl of cheerios.

10.30 – We finally leave the building to take my poor abandoned dog for a long walk (knowing she will be abandoned again this afternoon).

We dissect the previous evenings events & how I could have improved the prize table while we stroll through the forest. I discover not to be too quick to use the words ‘pain free’ & ‘knee’ in the same sentence, although I am walking better.

13.30 – We arrive home & should be at our friends in half an hour. So, quick changes all around. I empty my bag that still only the essentials I needed the day before, including a very small purse because I didn’t want to take my full purse of everyone else’s junk to the school event. When I go to put my cards & money back into my regular suitcase sized purse… no bankcard! I knew the last place I had used was at the bank on the way to school yesterday, but not since.

14.10 – We are running late but take a detour to the bank not sure if they will be open – they are not.

14.30 – We get to our friends (who don’t live very far from us at all), very apologetic. I present them with the cake we have brought for dessert – there is only one thing better than cheating & buying a dessert… winning a dessert at the previous nights cakewalk! Nice one hubby.

15.00 – We call the bank to cancel the card but because we belong to their private banking I need to speak to them. They put me through. They are closed until Monday. How is it possible that we pay for this exclusive type of banking but their opening hours are less than the regular system? My card is still AWOL & the only place I could have lost it is at the bloody bank!!

19.00 – After a very enjoyable afternoon with our friends & their kids (Husbands work together & all the kids are at the same school, both elder kids are actually in the same class). eating, drinking & playing games, it is time to go.

19.45 – Hubby drops us off & goes onto the launch of a new bike store he has an exclusive invite to (he obviously spends more on bikes than I thought & owns far too much lycra). Very hungry animals are fed & the mention of food sparks some interest in my boys who suddenly decide they are hungry too.

20.15 – Kids in bed & the dog has clearly missed me over the last couple of days as she tries to hump my foot!!

20.20 – Wine!