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On top of the world!


Pyjama day…

Well it is Sunday & now officially winter so why not. Hubby was at work again. The dog had taken to the sofa & refused to even venture out even to pee. I personally had a shower & actually put on leggings & a sweatshirt which is the next best thing really. Our Saturday’s are almost as busy as the weekdays so Sunday has become a bit of a dossing day. However, it’s amazing how productive you can be with an extra hour in the day, & that’s after a big sleep in. Not only is most of the laundry done (because it’s never all done), I prepared a stew to simmer in the slow cooker all day, changed the beds (well got the boys to strip their beds which is almost the same thing), took down the Halloween decorations (all 6 of them), & made a good start on making elder child’s new quilt for his newly updated tween room. I am ashamed to say they ate Halloween candy for lunch, but they made up for it with a good hearty dinner which hubby was home in time to also enjoy. We then tested out our newly purchased ‘Professor chairs’ around the games table with a game of Cluedo (or just ‘Clue’ as it is known in North America which is so not right), in front of a roaring fire. Tomorrow it’s back to the chaos of renovating & the madness of parenthood, & not enough hours to sleep again!

I wish…

I wish for a lot of things but tonight I wish I could get excited again about swimming. I don’t understand why I don’t enjoy it anymore. I used to be a complete water babe, swimming for a club until I was about 16, then only really stopped my 2-3 miles a week when I had my eldest child. It’s supposed to be really good for me, both mentally & physically so why does it make me grumpy & emotional? Physically I feel like I’ve done 20 rounds in a boxing ring not 20 lengths of the pool. If it wasn’t for the fact I would just be sitting for 3 hours watching the boys swim for their club & ‘pinning’ stuff I probably wouldn’t have got back in the water. The only thing that makes me feel good about it is that I can get into the ‘fast lane’ & pass the same person twice in the time it takes them to do one length!

I remember when I used to swim at the Aquatic centre when we first moved to Canada. I was pretty fit then, but, I would often have to move from the fast lane into the medium lane to use my kick board. I think if I swam there now I would just about survive in the slow lane. It is a 50 metre pool, which I used to love because you didn’t have to tumble turn as much. Maybe it was psychological, but I always thought I swam further because the lengths didn’t seem much longer really. Not sure how I’d manage 20 lengths of a 50m pool now.

Like I say, it can only be good for me, & maybe I’m expecting too much of myself. In my head my body can still do everything it did before, but in reality it needs to find a new level for the way it is now. It makes me feel old & crippled, even though I’m not really. It’s good that the boys club night makes me do it, & I think it sets a good example to them for the future.

I’ll keep going…