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Crazy multi-tasking among mad people!

A day at home doing stuff & catching up with myself now that our renovations are finished & I begin painting – again. This sounds great doesn’t it? Just me, Tessy & the cats on our own schedule, but then…

An email from the distributor about the graduation hoodies we are organizing had the graphics of all the kids signatures so I looked for my elder son’s. It was my other class parent who kindly went into school & organized this part of the process so I hadn’t seen it. I looked over it about 10 times to find his name but I was sure it wasn’t there. I only counted 42 names & there should have been 44. I sent a panic email to my other half so she could check. She found 43 names & was also sure my son’s was missing. So, while I was making dinner in the slow cooker, running up & down to the laundry, folding laundry, wiring that bloody elf on a shelf so he can be bendy when he returns next week, packing up the swimming bags & making smoothies because it’s club night, I must have returned a million emails about these wretched hoodies.

In the end my other class parent half went into school early so she could identify each signature & establish who was missing. In the end my son was there he had just decided to sign his name ‘fancy’ so it looked nothing like his name at all. Why? I have yet to discover, but whatever.

I finally placed the order while at the pool during a bit of drama regarding a mentally ill lady who was causing a bit of bother in the lobby because she thought someone was trying to kill her. The cops arrived & everything but the kids still swam up & down the pool non the wiser, I continued my conversation with the hoody lady on the phone, & the world kept turning…



School Winter Gala 2017…

… has a new chair person – ME!

Yes, I have gotten myself in a right pickle this time & if the truth be known I am secretly very excited about having something of this magnitude to focus on & call my own. At the end of the day it’s just a big fancy party really. Our new parent support group president (who is also a good friend) hasn’t wasted any time & wants us to meet next week. Fine by me, this gives me a full year to plan & prepare.

Bring it on, I know I can do this!

Wonder Woman!

Life got in the way of my writing – again! I know I have missed the odd day here & there this year, especially when I was on vacation, but this break was voluntary. I know I am doing too much, my body is telling me so, but have I listened to it? Not a chance! I am still in the process of giving my elder son’s bedroom a makeover. As you can see by  the photo I was inappropriately dressed to go to school yesterday, but I promised the kids I would dress up to do their haunted house craft that had required me to cut out hundreds of pieces of cardstock for over 40 grade 2 students & had me locked in my craft room most nights for 2 weeks. It was all worth it though as it appears to have been raging success so a big high five to me!). We have just started renovating our basement, lifting all the carpets upstairs & restoring the floors upstairs. Among all of this I am continuing to keep house & home while running the kids around, walking the dog, making sure we don’t have to resort to pet food for dinner, & begin getting organized for the crazy month of December (both boys birthday’s are during the holiday festivities, as well as our wedding anniversary & my father-in-laws birthday!).

So something had to give, & sitting down every evening for an hour & boring you with my life events was the least important task at the time. They say you should make time to write, but they don’t share the ingredients or the recipe to actually make more time. I’m still suffering with my neck, maybe not as much, & I’m certainly not taking as many painkillers, but enough to be aware of it most of the time. However, I have managed to squeeze in some fun. A girlfriend & I went for some retail therapy at the huge new outlet mall & had a great day trying on dresses for the up & coming winter gala for school. We were both successful in purchasing a knockout frock & can’t wait to enjoy letting our hair down on the dance floor.

Right now I just need to not be so impatient to get stuff done. I really need to stop & listen to my body when it’s protesting at being worked to hard. The thing is, my son is currently camping out in the spare room on a double bed with a tempur-pedic mattress, a mountain view (when it stops raining), & an en-suite bathroom. If I leave him in there too long I might never get him to leave!

The Project…

One of my jobs as a class parent is to coordinate the kids in the making an ‘arty’ project that can be bid on at the winter gala in November. Of course this just screams out ‘challenge’  to someone crafty like myself. After I went all out last year & put together not one, but two, handmade scrapbooks, with the help of my crafting partner in crime & BFF – even she was sick of the sight of them buy the end, all 200 pages!

So after watching how popular photographs presented in various states of artiness selling for obscene amounts of money, were, I suggested that this year we make our lives a little easier & do something with photos. I think the parents who purchase the projects are looking for something they can display. Something unique that they can say ‘my child was a part of that’. I think the trick is to keep it simple & not think too deeply about it.

Today we took the pictures. One of the mum’s in my younger son’s grade is a photographer, & black & white is her thing. She very kindly gave up her time today, & all the time it will take to edit them now. Because, we don’t want to see their faces, all we want is a close up shot of their smile… all three of them!

The good, the bad & the utterly hilarious!

I am going to sum the day up with 3 highlights:

  1. Good – I think I have our grade 5 gala project sorted, & it’s going to be AWESOME!
  2. Bad – I had a massage on my leg & knee because it is very tight since surgery 6 weeks ago. There are not enough swear words to describe this experience.
  3. Utterly hilarious – Swimming club this evening. After their training session in the water, the groups do a half hour of stretching. I watched my 7 year old doing push ups on the side of the pool & clearly trying to impress the girl next to him!

Word Of The Day – WINE

Spending again…

Yes I’m still trying to spend the remainder of the class fund. So, today I purchased 45 milk chocolate smiley face lollipops from Purdy’s, & ordered 40 Cosmopolitan cupcakes from the Cupcake store for the end of year party. I’d arranged with the grade 4 homeroom teachers to pop in at lunchtime & deliver the goodies, however there was a gym class going on in the courtyard when I arrived – how was I going to make it to the junior school building with a gigantic purple Purdy’s bag without being mugged?

Actually, guess who the gym teacher was for that class? When I noticed this I was secretly hoping to be mugged! We exchanged no more than a ‘morning’, which was quite enough thank you, I still went a little pink (honestly it’s pathetic you would think I’d have grown out if this ridiculous crush by now!). Anyway, onward & upward to the 3rd floor where the corridor was teaming with students doing some serious end of year clean up. They took one look at me & my large bag & their eyes lit up.

Well aren’t I a popular girl now! It took all of about 30 seconds for every single smiley face to find a friend. In elder son’s class we had 2 left because of sickness so I left them with his lovely teacher for her two little ones at home. The other teacher, who is also very lovely, stood batting her eyelashes & smiling sweetly at me when she noticed I had an extra one, & declared she was ‘having a thin day’. Well, how could I refuse her?

I was only there for about 10 minutes & received as many hugs. If the kids ever get a say in whom should be their class parent, guess who would win with a landslide majority… because I bring chocolate!

Vomiting Veronica, Vitamix, Dyson fan, nuts & everything!

06.30 – Younger child vomiting so my day has gone to hell in a handcart before it’s even started!

07.00 – Hubby is on an admin day so offers to stay home to work, then I can run my errands.

07.45 – Mad panic because I think he’s taking elder child to school. I was stuck with ‘vomiting Veronica’ & didn’t realize elder child had not had breakfast already – we normally leave at 07.50!

08.00 – After heated words about crossed wires I’m off to school & hubby is left with ‘VV’.

09.00 – Laundry than walk the dog.

09.45 – Off to Costco to buy a Dyson fan so my in-laws don’t melt in our spare room.

10.45 – Exit Costco minus the fan, but replaced it with a Vitamix instead!! (In my defense it was an offer too good to miss before they crank the prices up because of the US dollar)

12.00 – Made an awesome smoothie- nuts & everything.

13.00 – ‘VV’ is returning to his former self & declaring imminent starvation if I don’t feed him.

13.30 – Make school uniform list for grandma to bring with her.

14.30 – Order Dyson fan online, 100 bucks cheaper than Costco – 2 bargains in one day!!

15.15 – Hubby picks up elder child & the teacher in the other grade 4 class asks him if he thought I would like to help her with a face painting station at Sports Day next week. Haven’t done it in years but hey why not!

15.30 – Dug out the face paints…

15.45 – Hubby & elder child return home to younger child sporting an angry bird on his forehead, Captain America shield on one cheek & a snake down the side of the other!

16.00 – I persuade elder child to allow me to practice a butterfly…

16.15 – Not bad, I think I might just manage to pull this off.

16.30 – After arranging to off-load my needy dog to Java’s residence for the day, I confirm with the teacher that it’s game on! My boys suggest I paint my face like Wonder Woman & go in fancy dress – I’m SO EXCITED!!!

19.30 – It’s now day 8… I could murder a glass of wine!