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That’s it!

The last BBQ/Gin-Margarita get together of the season. Although all our kids have been back a week Labour Day marks the end of school holidays. Fall is definitely creeping up on us, but we still managed drinks on the patio. All the kids played outside (even though it was spitting at one point). Good company, good conversation, & sadly goodbye to another summer. I can’t believe we were all making plans for our skiing trip at Spring Break! Where does the time go? I’m still hemming pants, hopefully they will all be done before they break up in May!


I can’t live without it. I have my ways & means to get stuff done & I need to know where I stand, so having the kids back at school early this year is really nice. It was a little chaotic at school this morning; we have a new principal whom everyone was trying to introduce them selves to. I didn’t break my neck, he’ll know my & my rascals soon enough. Lucky for us we already knew which homerooms we were going to & both boys are happy (& so are we) that they have been placed where they wanted. I dropped off two very smart young men, chatted to few peeps along the way of course because everyone noticed that I don’t have a knee brace on anymore, then I was free to get on with a NORMAL DAY.

I walked the dog in the forest for the first time since my op & now at the end of the day I’m quite achy. I expect this; I’m using muscles that have been lying dormant for almost a year so I just need to be mindful if this. Then I had a trip to Sephora as I’m on scraping the bottom of several items. On the way back I snuck into Costco to by berries & milk (& of course other stuff because it’s impossible not to), so by the time I’d unloaded & put away it was only an hour & a half before I was back at school. How did that happen? I swear someone put the clock forward by an hour.

After a cup of tea & a strum on my guitar I was out the door again. Pick up was a little calmer, but honestly the shoes you see were only a part of the disaster that greeted me. Elder child appeared looking exactly the same as when I dropped him off, but younger child OMG! His shirt was covered in food stains (I don’t recall anything in his lunch box that could have caused so much mess) & of course it was hanging out. His sweater was stuffed in his bag along with his tie (also with food on it), & well, you can see the state of the brand new shoes after only one day – 6 hours to be precise – I don’t think those laces have been tied all day. Honestly, how this child won an award last year is beyond me. Still, he came home with everything he went with, which is a bonus. Let’s see what delights tomorrow brings…