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Painting Exotic Dragon Fruit!

Believe it or not I don’t like pedicures. Yes I am probably the only woman on the planet to admit this, but I can’t stand people messing around with my feet, & now that I have altered sensation & very poor circulation I dislike it even more. However, I am a girl who likes to be pampered & I take pride in my appearance without being OTT about it. So, when the sun is actually warm enough for me to wear flip flops & sandals I still like to have painted toes nails.

As feet go I’m very fortunate to have respectable looking flippers (they are really wide which is probably why I’m a good swimmer!), but imagine a pair of feet belonging to a 90 year-old – greyish blue with hint of purple – well that’s what mine look like most of the time. They are not all wrinkly, but they do get very dry because of the lack of circulation, & dead bits drop off – gross I know but believe me hubby’s are a million times worse. I make a huge effort in the summer months to ensure they don’t look that unattractive, however, there is little I can do to make them look healthier. Therefore as you can imagine I have to be quite choosy about what colour I paint my toenails – only warm happy colours allowed.

Today at pilates my lovely instructor (who rarely wears anything coulourful but always looks amazing in-spite of it) had painted her toenails the brightest, happiest colour I’d seen in a long time & I just had to have it. So she pointed me in the direction of Shoppers Drug Mart so I could purchase my very own bottle of ‘Exotic Dragon fruit’. In fact, when I got there I loved it so much I bought a gel nail polish for my fingernails too. As you can see by the picture this is not a colour for everyone, it almost speaks to you very loudly with every step, but it is the perfect shade for my poor purple pigs. In fact, I think they will compliment each other very well actually, especially with the little black dress I’m thinking of wearing out tomorrow evening for dinner. So tonight I won’t be building, I’ll be painting Exotic Dragon Fruit…