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Blowing a hoolie!

I think this might be a phrase from the north of England but you have to admit it is very descriptive – especially when I’m referring to the weather. There are trees down & total wipeouts everywhere. I even got an email from school this afternoon asking to pick up asap because the power had gone out.

What a mess!!!

So, one G&T down, hot bath & pj’s on, wine breathing, roaring fire & Netflix at the ready…

Welcome to Fall!

I can’t do it!

I can’t go straight from blazing hot summer one day, & into full on cold & damp fall the next. I need a transition, easing me gently maybe dropping down a degree or two every few days, with just the odd shower here & there  – preferably at night. I don’t mind the full on rain but a bit of warning would be nice. Take today for example, I pulled into the underground parking lot at school with a completely dry car, I parked up, gathered my things & took the elevator one floor up to the lobby. It took me all of about 4 minutes, by which time the most ridiculous amount of water was falling from the sky, not just a shower, or a bit of rain, but buckets & buckets just pouring. It had been a tiny bit sunny when I left my physic appointment, I even considered putting the roof down, so I had no rain jacket or umbrella with me. Thankfully the kind receptionist in the senior school gave me a school umbrella so I could make it across the courtyard to the junior school without looking like I’d just stepped out of the shower.

So you see why I need time to adjust. I really don’t do well with someone flicking a switch & just deciding that that’s it, summer’s over, end of hot & dry, & all things sunny. It’s very unkind & not very compatible with life people – it’s still August (well only just, but still) for goodness sake. If I could just have a few more nicer days, I’m ok with cooler, but nicer that would be great – thanks!