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Ginormous phone cookies!

I have no idea how this happened but I started baking chocolate caramel shortbread AND  cookies at 6.40pm. I had mentioned to the boys that I might do this before we go camping at the weekend because we are in a big group & we need to take things to share. Next thing I know the oven was on & the Kitchen Aid was out!

I’m not a baker, I just about manage the caramel shortbread & quite often even the dog won’t eat my baking – cookies are usually a disaster especially when they are flourless so I can eat them. However, I have to say that these cookies looked rather good & would like to say they were baked solely by my 7 year old, but he was closely supervised. He did watch them baking the entire time so maybe that’s the secret of his his success – don’t take your eyes off the cookies!

I have now collapsed with a glass of wine while surfing for a new phone cover for my ridiculously ginormous phone!