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Wonder Woman!

Life got in the way of my writing – again! I know I have missed the odd day here & there this year, especially when I was on vacation, but this break was voluntary. I know I am doing too much, my body is telling me so, but have I listened to it? Not a chance! I am still in the process of giving my elder son’s bedroom a makeover. As you can see by  the photo I was inappropriately dressed to go to school yesterday, but I promised the kids I would dress up to do their haunted house craft that had required me to cut out hundreds of pieces of cardstock for over 40 grade 2 students & had me locked in my craft room most nights for 2 weeks. It was all worth it though as it appears to have been raging success so a big high five to me!). We have just started renovating our basement, lifting all the carpets upstairs & restoring the floors upstairs. Among all of this I am continuing to keep house & home while running the kids around, walking the dog, making sure we don’t have to resort to pet food for dinner, & begin getting organized for the crazy month of December (both boys birthday’s are during the holiday festivities, as well as our wedding anniversary & my father-in-laws birthday!).

So something had to give, & sitting down every evening for an hour & boring you with my life events was the least important task at the time. They say you should make time to write, but they don’t share the ingredients or the recipe to actually make more time. I’m still suffering with my neck, maybe not as much, & I’m certainly not taking as many painkillers, but enough to be aware of it most of the time. However, I have managed to squeeze in some fun. A girlfriend & I went for some retail therapy at the huge new outlet mall & had a great day trying on dresses for the up & coming winter gala for school. We were both successful in purchasing a knockout frock & can’t wait to enjoy letting our hair down on the dance floor.

Right now I just need to not be so impatient to get stuff done. I really need to stop & listen to my body when it’s protesting at being worked to hard. The thing is, my son is currently camping out in the spare room on a double bed with a tempur-pedic mattress, a mountain view (when it stops raining), & an en-suite bathroom. If I leave him in there too long I might never get him to leave!

Super feet!

Popped over the border today with the dog & kids in tow – so they could play on the beach & have ice cream of course…

I picked up these rather awesome & ‘super’ cool Converse while we were there. I’ve never owed a pair of Converse before & I have to say I’m impressed, my pigs glided into them & were very comfy in there when I tried them on – they even have laces with little Superman signs on!

I might have to watch Batman Vs Superman now…


I’ve owned several pairs as both as a child & grown up, but my last pair was about 20 years ago. I have always loved them even though they are unflattering in a kind of cute way. While out doing some shopping I saw a pair in the window of a well-known trendy store, the modern day version of which is full of man made rips & holes, I totally had to have them!

My husband rolled his eyes when I told him, but then when he had a fashion show he was sold declaring that they were very me. It wasn’t until the following day at school pick up that the boys saw their mum looking like an overgrown toddler. My younger son was the first to clap eyes on me outside his classroom, he just looked wide eyed & said ‘Mum, why are you wearing those?’ Then refused to walk with me. After some persuading he rode the elevator with me (I can’t do stairs anymore), when the doors slid open on the ground floor – where 500 parents wait for their kids – my elder son was waiting for me…

However, he wasn’t the first person to acknowledge my attire. Across the lobby was my class parent partner waving furiously at me because what was she wearing – OVERALLS TOO! Quite a few parents acknowledged that we looked quite cool, but where was my elder son at this point… almost hiding the washroom, mortified that not only was his mum parading around looking like a lost farmer, but his best friend’s mum was too.

It didn’t end there, the glorious weather & early summer temperatures allowed a long play in the playground, but when we had to leave, would they walk with me – not in a million years. This called for some serious action; my children were embarrassed, so of course I’ve worn them every day since!