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My thoughtful hubby…

Remember I had a sneaky look at a new steel string guitar a couple of weeks back? Well, this morning hubby suggested we pop into the store & take another look. So there I am browsing the racks & the one I’d had my eye on wasn’t there, at least at first I thought it wasn’t. Never mind, I thought, it’s one of those things, & I decide to look at others. One in particular, that I was sure was the original one, catches my eye. After pawing at it I turn the ticket over to check the price but it also has a ‘HOLD’ ticket in it, so I move on again & I find one that is the same size & shape but a bit cheaper so I pluck it off the rack & have a little strum. Meanwhile, hubby is disappeared off to talk to one the assistants…

He returns a short time later, he looks at the guitar I’m ‘playing’, & we talk about it in comparison to the one I originally saw. He strolls along the rack & mentions the one with the ‘HOLD’ ticket & I declare that I believe that one to be my original choice. I can’t really remember how he got me to look at it again, but when I did I couldn’t believe what I saw – his name & cell phone number was on the hold ticket, it was held for him, for me!

Apparently after I’d talked about it he’d called the store & thinks he spoke to the guy who had been helping me that day. When he explained what he knew about the guitar I’d looked at & the price the guy took an educated guess at which one it was. Hubby’s plan was to pick it up while I was having my knee surgery on Tuesday so I could have it to play while I recover – & of course it would be an early birthday present not just for being a good girl at the hospital. My husband is an incredibly thoughtful guy like this, & even though I’ve known him for 20 years he can still surprise me & give me fuzzy feelings.

Did we buy the guitar? As it happens I didn’t choose that one in the end, that one was made of Sitka Spruce & is apparently the musician’s choice. I actually preferred the cheaper Mahogany that was the same size & shape. If I’m honest the sound is not something I am too into, the steel strings already play better even at my basic level, & honestly I was a complete girl about it & choose by look & colour. When we took it to the desk to pay the guy who served us was admiring my choice, not to mention I had chosen one that was a relatively expensive instrument but had $300 knocked off the price. He pointed out some interesting markings in the wood on the back, wondering if it might have been made by a bear claw – how unique is that! All in all I had definitely made a good choice, even if it wasn’t the one that hubby had hoped to surprise me with. It does mean that whenever people admire it, or ask about whether I play when they see the line up of guitars (now 4 of them!), I will have a lovely story to go with it that makes it quite special.


Happy Mother’s Day!

To all my fellow Canadian mums or moms, you are awesome no matter how it’s pronounced!

I hope your day has been as lovely as mine, & you were spoilt & pampered by your offspring.

My boys were queuing at the bedroom door at 8am very excited to present me with a large bucket of tea & gifts.

First came the very personal hand made gifts from school that are always special. Elder child had written a poem that he wrote out on card & help up in a photograph of himself. The words were lovely & the photo was a particularly good one of him. I will proudly hang it in my craft room. Younger child had made a large card with many kind things written inside about my cooking & crafting. That was accompanied by a tin can (that I saw him helping himself to from the recycling last week) he’d cover in pieces of coloured paper & glazed. It has made the perfect pencil pot for my grown up colouring pencils. Then there was the special mysterious gift they all disappeared off to purchase last weekend…

It was quite a big box that made an odd rattling sound when I moved it slightly. Wrapped in bright green foil paper with a teal coloured bow it was already perfect (some of my most favourite colours). I’m one of those people that likes to take their time opening gifts – I’m not a ripper! I opened the ends carefully, occasionally glancing at the boy’s faces; the look of excitement & anticipation was all part of the joy for me. When I finally opened the paper to reveal their thoughtful gift I saw why they where so eager to have me open it…

LEGO!!! Finally, I have the VW camper van. I can build it all on my own, & nobody can say ‘no mum you can’t help, it is mine’, it’s exactly the opposite – IT’S MINE… ALL MINE!!! I haven’t started it yet but now they are in bed the night is young.

They then made me breakfast – eggs & toast. We iChatted to the grandparents, then hubby walked the dog with younger child while I pottered in my craft room (my leg is really bothering me today or I would have loved a family walk in the forest). It was then out for an early dinner at one of my favourite restaurants downtown, we were even lucky enough to get a patio seat (Joe Fortes has one of the best, if not thee best, patios in Vancouver & are super kid friendly). We all enjoyed a beautiful meal & enormous desserts, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

I’m really one very lucky mum!!


The ice cream ball…

What’s not to love about ice cream? So, what if it was possible to make it wherever & whenever you want, even when you’re camping. You can, thanks to a really cool birthday gift that my elder gave his little brother. Ok, so you still need to have the ingredients of which includes cream & ice – of course! But, if you’re a serious camper you’ll have one of those coolers that lasts for 3-5 days, & you can always pick up ice at a gas station if the camp site doesn’t have any. Then the actual process of making dessert is quite fun…

The device looks like a fancy soccer ball. It has two compartments at each end, one for the edible ingredients, one for ice & rock salt. Once you have filled it, & you have made sure the lids are secure, you roll it around on the floor. Yes, it’s as simple as that. After 10 minutes we checked the progress, not knowing what to expect, but sure enough the cream was thickening & something resembling ice cream had actually formed on the walls of the compartment. So, we continued, rolling it back & forth for a further 10 minutes.

Believe it or not it really did work. The only catch was that it seemed to melt very quickly when we served it, so we abandoned that idea & ate it straight from the ball. I figured that this would much more fun if we were sitting around a campfire passing it around, & not huddled around a tiny table in the corner of a hotel suite!

All told we were quite impressed with this rather unique gift that would be fun for big kids of all ages – especially hardened outdoors types.