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Crazy multi-tasking among mad people!

A day at home doing stuff & catching up with myself now that our renovations are finished & I begin painting – again. This sounds great doesn’t it? Just me, Tessy & the cats on our own schedule, but then…

An email from the distributor about the graduation hoodies we are organizing had the graphics of all the kids signatures so I looked for my elder son’s. It was my other class parent who kindly went into school & organized this part of the process so I hadn’t seen it. I looked over it about 10 times to find his name but I was sure it wasn’t there. I only counted 42 names & there should have been 44. I sent a panic email to my other half so she could check. She found 43 names & was also sure my son’s was missing. So, while I was making dinner in the slow cooker, running up & down to the laundry, folding laundry, wiring that bloody elf on a shelf so he can be bendy when he returns next week, packing up the swimming bags & making smoothies because it’s club night, I must have returned a million emails about these wretched hoodies.

In the end my other class parent half went into school early so she could identify each signature & establish who was missing. In the end my son was there he had just decided to sign his name ‘fancy’ so it looked nothing like his name at all. Why? I have yet to discover, but whatever.

I finally placed the order while at the pool during a bit of drama regarding a mentally ill lady who was causing a bit of bother in the lobby because she thought someone was trying to kill her. The cops arrived & everything but the kids still swam up & down the pool non the wiser, I continued my conversation with the hoody lady on the phone, & the world kept turning…



Vomiting Veronica, Vitamix, Dyson fan, nuts & everything!

06.30 – Younger child vomiting so my day has gone to hell in a handcart before it’s even started!

07.00 – Hubby is on an admin day so offers to stay home to work, then I can run my errands.

07.45 – Mad panic because I think he’s taking elder child to school. I was stuck with ‘vomiting Veronica’ & didn’t realize elder child had not had breakfast already – we normally leave at 07.50!

08.00 – After heated words about crossed wires I’m off to school & hubby is left with ‘VV’.

09.00 – Laundry than walk the dog.

09.45 – Off to Costco to buy a Dyson fan so my in-laws don’t melt in our spare room.

10.45 – Exit Costco minus the fan, but replaced it with a Vitamix instead!! (In my defense it was an offer too good to miss before they crank the prices up because of the US dollar)

12.00 – Made an awesome smoothie- nuts & everything.

13.00 – ‘VV’ is returning to his former self & declaring imminent starvation if I don’t feed him.

13.30 – Make school uniform list for grandma to bring with her.

14.30 – Order Dyson fan online, 100 bucks cheaper than Costco – 2 bargains in one day!!

15.15 – Hubby picks up elder child & the teacher in the other grade 4 class asks him if he thought I would like to help her with a face painting station at Sports Day next week. Haven’t done it in years but hey why not!

15.30 – Dug out the face paints…

15.45 – Hubby & elder child return home to younger child sporting an angry bird on his forehead, Captain America shield on one cheek & a snake down the side of the other!

16.00 – I persuade elder child to allow me to practice a butterfly…

16.15 – Not bad, I think I might just manage to pull this off.

16.30 – After arranging to off-load my needy dog to Java’s residence for the day, I confirm with the teacher that it’s game on! My boys suggest I paint my face like Wonder Woman & go in fancy dress – I’m SO EXCITED!!!

19.30 – It’s now day 8… I could murder a glass of wine!


Oh I do love sunny Saturday mornings. You wake up at some ridiculous hour (when hubby disappears in head to toe lycra for a ride), the sun streaming in through the curtains, & you discover it’s only 6am! I can turn over & snooze for another couple of hours.

08.30 – Just me & the kids for breakfast. Elder child has a hockey game so we fed Boris (the imaginary tapeworm for anyone new reading) waffles, berries & maple syrup.

09.15 – I was just about to shower when a rather sweaty hubby returned. We quickly discussed a plan of action for the day & I left him to feed his own tapeworm.

11.00 – We decided that I’m not going to watch the hockey game. Today he was playing in goal & it was all the way over on the north shore. I had a mountain of laundry to do (& tomorrow is Mother’s day so there will be a strike), the dog needed a walk, & my body was craving a stretch out.

12.30 – I get a text from hubby, younger child took all his gear just in case they were short of a player & they were. I knew he would be absolutely made up by this even though he’d be playing with & against some kids 3-4 years older than him.

14.30 – By the time they all returned I’d done 3 loads of laundry, a pilates routine, walked the dog, watered the garden, made chocolate strawberries for dessert, hung the hammocks up outside & chilled out in the garden for half an hour reading my book! Younger child had thoroughly enjoyed playing a proper game & apparently did really well. Elder child let in 3 goals & declared he was a useless goalie & it was also boring!

15.30 – Hubby took him out on his road bike so he could let off some steam. Meanwhile, younger child had me (now Wonder Woman) up in their playhouse hammering nails into the wood so they could hang all their (plastic) Black & Decker tools up & make it into a workshop.

16.15 – I now need a glass of something pink & a lie down. The bikers return & of course are starving (yes I know this is hard to believe but true), so I fire up the barbi & open a bottle of rosé.

17.00 – Yells of distress from the garden, the hammock elder child was sat in has dumped him on the concrete. I know he’s a drama queen but I genuinely think he’s hurt himself this time. Tylenol & Advil for his dessert then.

17.15 – Everyone is full of ribs & chocolate strawberries, & we are basking on our sunny patio – I love, love, LOVE this weather!

18.00 – I help elder child finish his Mother’s day card – odd I know but I don’t trust him to use all my stuff on his own, & at least this way I get to have some say what I get.

20.00 – Tired boys are in bed, the dog is patrolling the fence & warning off falling leaves, hubby is reading in a hammock (interestingly not the one he just re-hung after the earlier drama), & we each have a glass of something pink.






Another exhausting Sunday of sun!

08.30 – Yay a sleep in!

10.00 – Hubby & the boys mysteriously disappear off & I request more bags of compost while they are out (Mother’s day next weekend so this is looking quite promising).

12.00 – I’m planting…

12.30 – They return & the boys want to play with the hose pipe – so I regrettably give them the Nerf water guns I had hidden away for the summer – instant hit I am the best mum in the world. However the dog hates me because there is a Nerf war breaking out on her territory & I started it!

13.00 – I’m lifting & moving things that I shouldn’t be (but then I am secretly Wonder Woman!), but it is patio weather & I need to be able to sit out at every opportunity.

14.30 – Urgent shower required as hubby invited his fellow & her family around (Two boys the same age so win win for my boys & grown up time a done deal). They are due at any time & I am filthy.

15.30 – Guests arrive, boys get on instantly but there are not enough Nerf guns – guess what I’ll be buying next week in Costco? The dog is now barking at the new recruits because it has now escalated to world war 3.

17.00 – After I disappear off for an unpleasant date with my physio, wine & painkillers make it all all right when I get back (You do know they work better if you take them with wine?). Now I can join the party properly despite the fact my neck & shoulders are on fire.

18.00 – Gotta love a BBQ & outdoor eating on May 1st.

19.30 – We finally manage to separate all the boys after a fun afternoon suddenly  remembering that is still school tomorrow.

20.30 – Finishing the wine because it would be a shame to waste it!

Mid-life hair crisis!

07.30 – No minivan so we all pile into the Mini. After the usual choir drop off, younger child & I do the usual reading in the car, and then once I’d sent him up to his classroom I waited in the lobby for elder child so I could take him to his track meet.

08.15 – He finally appears as if we have all day to get there.

08.40 – We fight our way through the traffic out to the university grounds & of course they are doing construction on the road right in front of the field – it’s a total gong show! We find parking, which happens to be two cars back from the school van & we notice a slightly stressed looking teacher, that we know quite well, hauling tents & boxes & first aid kits etc. out of the van. She is also talking to a colleague on the phone about the cost of parking for the day & telling him not to move from the spot he’d secured next to the field. It’s turns out that hot teacher is sick & he coordinates these events for the kids so it had completely screwed up their schedule. I go to the machine to get the number so I can do pay by phone.

08.50 – We are both still trying to pay for parking. The app asks for time by minutes & she is going to be there for 8 hours. Neither of us has had enough coffee to do the math. My app is having a meltdown & I can’t pay at all. So I cut a deal with the teacher, I offer the services of elder child to help her carry the stuff if she wouldn’t mind me not walking to the field with him so I don’t have to pay. We are just about to part ways when it becomes apparent that there is no transport back to school, I will need to pick him up – as if having to drop him off wasn’t stressful enough to work out. I email younger child’s teacher asking her to him know he will need to go to after school care – I had left my Wonder Woman costume at home with going the salon today. I tell elder child I will be back for him as soon as I can but his last event is not until 2.30pm so it should be fine.

09.10 – A very quick stroll down a short stretch of the park so that the dog can do what she needs to do, then it’s off to the pet salon for a bath – this is the nearest I will ever get to a mother/daughter spa day.

09.30 – I leg it home to change out of runners & dog walking jacket & grab some water & snacks before I head off to my own salon for a complete transformation.

10.10 – After taking before pictures they begin toning my hair to get the red out & I feel like my head is on fire!

11.30 – I now have pale yellow brassy hair. They cut it a bit shorter & re-style it so it doesn’t look like a bob anymore, dry it & take pictures.

12.00 – Second stage of bleach out. Purple goop is pasted all over my head & it stinks.

13.00 – Once the purple goop is rinsed out they dry it again & take pictures again.

13.30 – Purple accents are added using foils & I then melt under the dryer for 10 minutes.

14.00 – Rinsed again, dried & styled so the back can be shaped & a cute little hair tattoo is carved into my neck.

14.30 – 4½ hours later I’m done & they take pictures of the awesome result… which I love… love… LOVE!!

14.50 – I suck up the $17 parking because really what’s an extra 17 bucks on top of what I’ve just forked out in the name of funky hair? It’s then straight out to UBC to pick up the athlete.

15.10 – Elder child has had a fun day & immediately gives me a ‘WOW MUM’. He loves the new look. Next stop the pet salon.

15.30 – The traffic is insane & thank god for after school care because poor younger child would have been left to god & good neighbours by now. We pick up my girl who is all fluffy & beautiful again smelling like roses. I put the window down for her & she sits waving her hair around in the breeze like something out of a Loreal advert… well she is worth it!

15.40 – Last stop, school. Younger child is never keen on leaving after school care & I still don’t get why. Maybe it’s a playing with your school friends but not actually in school properly thing. I eventually extract him & sign him out.

16.00 – Home! However, it will be short lived as elder child needs to do his homework, change into hockey strip & eat dinner in an hour.

17.20 – We’re on the move again, but only out for 5 minutes to the hockey field.

17.45 – Hubby’s returns home to a new wife & really likes her!!

20.00 – Tired busy boys in bed & I have a new look to celebrate… cheers!