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WOW! Has it really been 2 years since my first novel was published?

Today my publisher contacted me because they needed to renew the ISBN for each edition of the book. Although it isn’t a number one best seller I still get people asking where they can buy it. I often just give them one from my stash because then I can sign it, which I know is not good for sales but I still maintain it isn’t about the money it’s about the achievement. I renewed the ISBN’s for both paperback & ebook (not the hardcover) if anyone is still interested in helping out a trashy romance writer. In the meantime I’m working on a novel I wrote about 18 months ago, one that my beta readers say is my best one yet. I would like to follow the traditional route of publishing with this one, but we’ll see. This is not something you can hurry, & I’m willing to be patient & not give up.

Watch this space…

Me & my shadow…

Poor Tessy can’t get near me as you can see. Java even pushed younger son off the sofa last night so she could sit next to me. I am clearly her second mum, or maybe I’m just flattering myself & it’s because I’m the only person who defends her highly strung ways – oh, that says a lot about me! In the words of my hubby when he sees her like the picture above, ‘I like it best when it’s like this!’, & I kinda know what he means but she is quite sweet, massive & greedy & drools water everywhere after drinking… but quite sweet really… honest!

On with the editing 🙂

A classic movie night…

Tonight I introduced my boys to E.T. I think the last time I watched that movie was probably 30 years ago when it was released. I don’t remember getting emotional, I was 14 so I doubt I did, but watching it with the kids – OMG! It’s one of those sad feel good movies. You’re happy that he gets to go home, but you’re sad that the boy is so upset at losing his friend. Honestly, half a box of Kleenex later – is that normal? I’m sure it’s going to be one that we watch again & again as they loved it, a true classic.

Now, with the boys in bed & hubby on call, & stuck at work it’s me & the girls – Tess & Java, fighting over top spot next to me while I edit my 3rd novel. I am currently the filling in a canine sandwich!