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Blowing a hoolie!

I think this might be a phrase from the north of England but you have to admit it is very descriptive – especially when I’m referring to the weather. There are trees down & total wipeouts everywhere. I even got an email from school this afternoon asking to pick up asap because the power had gone out.

What a mess!!!

So, one G&T down, hot bath & pj’s on, wine breathing, roaring fire & Netflix at the ready…

Welcome to Fall!

TGI Friday!

Yes I know I missed yesterday, but it was curriculum night at school, soccer, homework & somewhere in all of that we all had to eat dinner. How did my life suddenly get so crazy? Oh yes, back to school doesn’t mean chill out at the spa or have coffee with a friend. No, it means the kids have a better social life than you & you are just a glorified taxi service. And make sure you have your shit together at home because the laundry is about to double & the food consumption is about to triple!

I’ve got 2 words to say… Gin & Tonic.

Happy weekend – we have 2hours of drum lessons starting at 9am tomorrow morning!