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I can’t do it!

I can’t go straight from blazing hot summer one day, & into full on cold & damp fall the next. I need a transition, easing me gently maybe dropping down a degree or two every few days, with just the odd shower here & there  – preferably at night. I don’t mind the full on rain but a bit of warning would be nice. Take today for example, I pulled into the underground parking lot at school with a completely dry car, I parked up, gathered my things & took the elevator one floor up to the lobby. It took me all of about 4 minutes, by which time the most ridiculous amount of water was falling from the sky, not just a shower, or a bit of rain, but buckets & buckets just pouring. It had been a tiny bit sunny when I left my physic appointment, I even considered putting the roof down, so I had no rain jacket or umbrella with me. Thankfully the kind receptionist in the senior school gave me a school umbrella so I could make it across the courtyard to the junior school without looking like I’d just stepped out of the shower.

So you see why I need time to adjust. I really don’t do well with someone flicking a switch & just deciding that that’s it, summer’s over, end of hot & dry, & all things sunny. It’s very unkind & not very compatible with life people – it’s still August (well only just, but still) for goodness sake. If I could just have a few more nicer days, I’m ok with cooler, but nicer that would be great – thanks!


I can’t live without it. I have my ways & means to get stuff done & I need to know where I stand, so having the kids back at school early this year is really nice. It was a little chaotic at school this morning; we have a new principal whom everyone was trying to introduce them selves to. I didn’t break my neck, he’ll know my & my rascals soon enough. Lucky for us we already knew which homerooms we were going to & both boys are happy (& so are we) that they have been placed where they wanted. I dropped off two very smart young men, chatted to few peeps along the way of course because everyone noticed that I don’t have a knee brace on anymore, then I was free to get on with a NORMAL DAY.

I walked the dog in the forest for the first time since my op & now at the end of the day I’m quite achy. I expect this; I’m using muscles that have been lying dormant for almost a year so I just need to be mindful if this. Then I had a trip to Sephora as I’m on scraping the bottom of several items. On the way back I snuck into Costco to by berries & milk (& of course other stuff because it’s impossible not to), so by the time I’d unloaded & put away it was only an hour & a half before I was back at school. How did that happen? I swear someone put the clock forward by an hour.

After a cup of tea & a strum on my guitar I was out the door again. Pick up was a little calmer, but honestly the shoes you see were only a part of the disaster that greeted me. Elder child appeared looking exactly the same as when I dropped him off, but younger child OMG! His shirt was covered in food stains (I don’t recall anything in his lunch box that could have caused so much mess) & of course it was hanging out. His sweater was stuffed in his bag along with his tie (also with food on it), & well, you can see the state of the brand new shoes after only one day – 6 hours to be precise – I don’t think those laces have been tied all day. Honestly, how this child won an award last year is beyond me. Still, he came home with everything he went with, which is a bonus. Let’s see what delights tomorrow brings…


I have no real excuse for not posting yesterday other than the madness of hubby doing his geriatric olympics & getting ready for back to school. I had to have elder child ready for today because he was acting as an ambassador for the school to show the newbies around. There are not many 9 year olds who would agree to go into school a day early, in full uniform, & give up their last day of summer break. He looks so grown up when he stands before me in his blazer. This will be his last year in the junior – where has the time gone?

Younger child & I went swimwear shopping. They have both been accepted into a swimming club so they needed the traditional Speedo’s, not the board shorts they’ve lived in all summer. They better stick with it after I dropped $200 in Swimco! We also enjoyed a cheeky little treat in the coffee shop.

Well that’s it I’m afraid, I still have school pants to hem & laundry to sort…

The Cauldron…

Nope! Nothing to do with Harry Potter this time. Hubby is competing in the Americas Masters Games here in Vancouver. Today he played 2 games of squash & tomorrow he’ll be cycling 95kms. We attended the opening ceremony this evening where they lit the Olympic Cauldron. I know they light it every Canada day but the last time I saw it a blaze was actually at the 2010 Olympics, which I have to to say was pretty amazing. I remember the Olympic torch running past the end of our street just before the opening ceremony, it was quite emotional to watch.

Tomorrow the boys & I will wear our souvenir games shirts with pride, & together we will stand on the side of the road & cheer for our favourite athlete as he races by.

Go Hubby Go!!!

Marinading in a pool of Sangria!

It’s officially the last weekend before school. To celebrate this most wonderful time of the year we had a little get together of school friends (2 other mum’s & their kids). So in the middle of the afternoon we supervised 5 kids at a friends pool while drinking something red with a strawberry in it (bottled Sangria, & it was yummy!). This was a cheeky surprise that the other mum thought we needed, being as it was meant to be sparkling water & fruit platter, but what better way to enjoy fruit really!

We talked about school, the upcoming Gala, the difficulties of having relatives staying with you, & how this school year we need to go out more. All this was in-between handstands off diving boards, trying to land in the inflatable ring when coming down the slide, & the casualties of these games (punctures & tears). As we gently marinated among the playful sounds of are little darlings, we also reminded ourselves that although we get to have our routines back, child-free grocery shopping & the occasional coffee with a friends, back to school also means after school madness. My boys have just been accepted into a swimming club which means 3 practices a week for elder child, & 2 for younger child. Younger child is also going to be playing soccer for Vancouver United twice a week, after just spending this last week at one of their camps, & they both want to continue with the drums lessons they’ve been having during summer. All this is extra to their guitar lessons & whatever they sign up for at school. I think we are going to have to be strict about what else the can manage to do, it’s great they are so keen to do all this but they can also do too much – I can only do so much!

Still, I have a week or 2 before all that madness begins…


Stove envy!

My apologies for missing yesterday, my BFF has relatives staying with her at the moment & it’s proving to be very challenging. I went over with good listening ears in the hope that if she offloads enough I won’t be visiting her in jail!

Yesterday I popped next door to my lovely neighbour after an ‘over the wall’ conversation with her about how her kitchen makeover was coming along. I have been watching her over the last couple of weeks, cleaning, painting, sorting etc. probably prompted by the fact her stove of 25 years finally gave up on her. She also has relatives arriving from all over the world in preparation for her younger son’s wedding – probably the real reason for the makeover.

I’m not fond of my stove, I’ve used electric since moving here 12 years ago, but until then I’d always used gas – which I much prefer. It is top of my list of changes I would make if we ever renovate our kitchen, & now I’m wishing that it was sooner rather then later. My neighbours new range is beautiful, very shiny stainless steel,which frankly I never find to be stainless. It has a large double oven that if you open by the top handle you can only use the top third of the oven, but then if you open by the side handle you can use the whole oven. It thought this was pretty smart as I often don’t need a full oven. Then, on the front, there is a digital/computerized display with all the knobs & buttons, which is very fancy, but of course it was the burners that I was the most taken with. Gas of course, 4 main burners, 2 large, 2 small, & it even has it’s own cast iron stand for your wok! Then in the centre it has one large oval burner with a cast iron grill which can be used for searing or removed for to use you own griddle or large pan. It was rather fabulous & I must confess to being a little green with envy.

I then came home to my ‘used to be white’ regular, not very fancy stove that only my cleaner can get clean (I don’t ask how because I’m sure what she uses is illegal). I’m used to it & I’m a pretty good cook so I manage, but I do live in the hope that one day I will get to design & install my ideal kitchen… so if about a million people could buy my book that would be awesome – thanks!

Type A Lego…

I might have mentioned before that I love Lego, & in October the Imagine Nation Lego tour is coming our way & guess who just bagged tickets? Hubby is away that weekend so just the 3 tickets purchased (that’s ok he hates Lego anyway) & there is a big crowd of friends from school going too. I’m really excited – I know that’s really sad, but I am currently building the Mini so I’m kinda in the zone. Not only that but the boys & I a having a major sort out of the obscene amount of Lego that they own.

It all started after they’d had a sleepover with school friends who have their Lego separated into colours. My type A tendencies have wanted a better system for ours for a long time, but boys being boys no matter what I tried it still ended up in one big bin all jumbled up. However, they were really taken by the colour coding so that’s what we are currently doing. I had an old set of plastic drawers from my early crafting days, you know type with castors & 2 sizes of drawer? Well, we easily filled that in no time & didn’t have enough drawers for all the colours – & there is NO WAY I could mix of course. So today while younger child was at soccer camp, elder child & I did the grocery shopping & found an even bigger version of these drawers in Canadian Superstore.

This afternoon the 3 of us sat (again) sorting it all out & thankfully we are nearly there. This has now prompted them to rebuild some of the sets that have long been broken up, like the police station & airport. However, when I walked in the younger child’s room this evening I was not happy to find that the booklets were all over the floor from him trying to find the one he needed. As you can imagine I have also tried several methods of keeping them tidy, but again to no avail. My type A’ness took over leading to the 3 of us (again) sitting down & sorting out all the booklets into categories. Then, we got Ziploc bags & a sharpie, bagged them all up, labeled them & put them back in the box the same box (which is also a Lego storage box, of course!). Hopefully now that they are older they will continue this type A’ness & keep everything a bit more organized… but then it’s possible that hell will freeze over first!

Insomnia pants!

Once again I find myself surviving on very little sleep. I have no idea why I am not sleeping; I am very tired. I’m making a conscious effort to drink less, eat healthy & well, & make sure I do some stretches most days. My days are busy now that hubby is back to work on his normal schedule & the boys are getting ready to go back to school next week. Maybe I need my meds reviewing again, which I will do on Wednesday when I see my doctor.

We’ll see… right now I have to begin the tedious task of hemming 15 pairs of school pants – I may NEED wine to prevent me from loosing the will to live!

We don’t always need a sequel…

I wrote a sequel to Bruises because it was simply a two-part story, & if I ever have it published readers will discover that it is actually a better book – according to those who have read it of course. Really both books needed to be put out there together but unfortunately that wasn’t possible at the time. I personally think that a lot of the trilogies out there today are dragged out, but people read them. I too am guilty of wasting away hours only to get to the end & think it could have all been packed into one decent sized book. Then, we have all read books that we didn’t want to end & one of my favourites is ‘Me before You’. I re-watched the movie again last week (twice actually because I love it), partly because it had just been released, & partly because I was reading the sequel ‘After you’.

I finished it yesterday & honestly it was a sequel that didn’t need to be written, in my opinion. Moyles should have just left us with the book hangover that we suffered when Me before You ended. Of course we all wanted know that Louisa spread her wings & used the potential that everyone saw, but we didn’t really need to read about it. I kept waiting for it to get going, but the plot was weak till the end. Yes there were a couple of storylines that had the potential to be interesting, but I won’t spoil the surprise in case you want to read it & make your own mind up. However, they became a bit far-fetched & frankly not very believable in the end, & don’t even get me started on the accident at the beginning – that was just stupid.

So why did I read it? I expected more of the same I guess, just different circumstances of course. It lacked the humour & chemistry that you experience between Louisa & Will. It felt like she was milking the previous success by knowing we would read it away, & therefore it didn’t have to be as good. I don’t think she really thought about the plot carefully, resulting in a jumbled up novel of mundane life events & completely ridiculous incidents. Sorry JoJo, you didn’t do it for this time some books just need to stand alone.

I love…

… A cheeky last minute family weekend away. It’s going to be a scorcher tomorrow here in Whistler, rollerblading (them not me – yet!) the Valley trail while Tessy & I follow slowly behind. Maybe a little stroll to my favourite Lululemon store, then relax by the pool before hubby takes me out for dinner.

I love summer!!