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Originally from the UK, but I've lived in Canada for nearly 12 years. Until giving it all up to raise my 2 children, I worked as a Registered Nurse in both adults & paediatrics. After several years of being a stay-at-home mum & dealing with cruel realities of chronic disease (I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in 2010), I needed a new challenge. So, completely out of nowhere, with no previous experience & only my iPad to work on, I began to write..... I published my first novel 'Bruises' in September 2014, purely & simply for the achievement. I would love to publish it's sequel, & some of my other work, but I write for fun & to keep me from becoming brain dead. Chronic disease has claimed large parts of my life... but will never take my fictional life. Up until now my blog has largely been about publishing my experience, but now I give you me, my life & 'it', completely unedited, & probably very uninteresting. Just simply... my words.

1/7 Upper Joffre Lake

So many vacations, so little time to post!

Here I am again stuck in beautiful Whistler for the week with no hubby & both boys in camps.

So I give you 7 days of selfies…