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Crazy multi-tasking among mad people!

A day at home doing stuff & catching up with myself now that our renovations are finished & I begin painting – again. This sounds great doesn’t it? Just me, Tessy & the cats on our own schedule, but then…

An email from the distributor about the graduation hoodies we are organizing had the graphics of all the kids signatures so I looked for my elder son’s. It was my other class parent who kindly went into school & organized this part of the process so I hadn’t seen it. I looked over it about 10 times to find his name but I was sure it wasn’t there. I only counted 42 names & there should have been 44. I sent a panic email to my other half so she could check. She found 43 names & was also sure my son’s was missing. So, while I was making dinner in the slow cooker, running up & down to the laundry, folding laundry, wiring that bloody elf on a shelf so he can be bendy when he returns next week, packing up the swimming bags & making smoothies because it’s club night, I must have returned a million emails about these wretched hoodies.

In the end my other class parent half went into school early so she could identify each signature & establish who was missing. In the end my son was there he had just decided to sign his name ‘fancy’ so it looked nothing like his name at all. Why? I have yet to discover, but whatever.

I finally placed the order while at the pool during a bit of drama regarding a mentally ill lady who was causing a bit of bother in the lobby because she thought someone was trying to kill her. The cops arrived & everything but the kids still swam up & down the pool non the wiser, I continued my conversation with the hoody lady on the phone, & the world kept turning…



School Winter Gala 2017…

… has a new chair person – ME!

Yes, I have gotten myself in a right pickle this time & if the truth be known I am secretly very excited about having something of this magnitude to focus on & call my own. At the end of the day it’s just a big fancy party really. Our new parent support group president (who is also a good friend) hasn’t wasted any time & wants us to meet next week. Fine by me, this gives me a full year to plan & prepare.

Bring it on, I know I can do this!

No stairs allowed!!

My contractor only left the house about half an hour ago after sanding the landing & stairs, then cleaning & staining them. All the bedrooms are now out of bounds, that includes bathrooms & all closets etc.

The boys are currently camping in the lounge on futons, with my brainless teddy bear of a dog for security. Hubby is on call & at work. When he finally returns at whatever hour of the night or morning it might be, he will join me in the spare bedroom, which is also upstairs. Thankfully our house has 2 sets of stairs, but to access the spare room we will need to go outside. It used to be a self contained suite but we are slowly knocking down various walls down so that eventually it will be part of the main house. So, at bedtime I will pop out the back kitchen door, take 2 steps towards the suite door & make my way up the 2nd set of stairs that leads to the spare room. We cannot walk on the stairs tomorrow morning, & probably not before Thursday evening at the earliest as it will have about 3 coats of varnish applied tomorrow. The boys think that this is one great adventure, & on a school night too!

What it really is, is chaotic, messy, disruptive & at times very noisy. However, we have a beautiful old home that we are slowly restoring & preserving, it’s only for a couple days days which is nothing really.

(And I have plenty of wine to hand!)

The joy of renovating…

… we are about to be kicked out of our bedrooms for about 3 nights. The final stages of our current renovation have become very chaotic. Today we decided last minute to pack the cats off to board at the vet for a few days while the upstairs floor & the stairs are sanded, stained & varnished. It was becoming too logistically stressful for us & them to have them confined to one room of the house. The dog is much easier to manage as she can patrol the garden.

The basement is also out of bounds now as the heated floor & new distressed wood look tiles are being layed. I had to make sure all our laundry was done at the weekend because that’s it until next weekend. It will all be worth I know, & it’s not too long now before we will have our house back. That’s when some of the real work begins – the great clean up.

Until then I will hibinate in my craft room & hopefully find something more interesting to write about. I’ve become really boring to read recently I know!

Pyjama day…

Well it is Sunday & now officially winter so why not. Hubby was at work again. The dog had taken to the sofa & refused to even venture out even to pee. I personally had a shower & actually put on leggings & a sweatshirt which is the next best thing really. Our Saturday’s are almost as busy as the weekdays so Sunday has become a bit of a dossing day. However, it’s amazing how productive you can be with an extra hour in the day, & that’s after a big sleep in. Not only is most of the laundry done (because it’s never all done), I prepared a stew to simmer in the slow cooker all day, changed the beds (well got the boys to strip their beds which is almost the same thing), took down the Halloween decorations (all 6 of them), & made a good start on making elder child’s new quilt for his newly updated tween room. I am ashamed to say they ate Halloween candy for lunch, but they made up for it with a good hearty dinner which hubby was home in time to also enjoy. We then tested out our newly purchased ‘Professor chairs’ around the games table with a game of Cluedo (or just ‘Clue’ as it is known in North America which is so not right), in front of a roaring fire. Tomorrow it’s back to the chaos of renovating & the madness of parenthood, & not enough hours to sleep again!