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Single parenting…

I have been on my own with the boys sinc hubby left for a conference in Calgary on Wednesday. Times like this make me appreciate 2 things:

– My hubby, &

– My BFF for raising 2 amazing kids on her own!

I still have 24 hours of single parenting, thankfully the Lego Imagine Nation Tour is here this weekend & there is a bunch of us from school going. Can’t wait it should be fun!

Until next year…

Yes, as brutal as those 120+kms are, they still want to do it all again next year. Whistler is a great location to enjoy time with good friends, & new friends. The kids got on amazingly well considering half of them didn’t know each other, while their parents bonded over celebratory drinks & good food. The weather was perfect. The hotel was excellent (as always), & the weekend was much more fun in a group. It’s always hard to say goodbye to one of my closest friends, but it is a sign of a true friendship when no matter how long it is since we’ve seen or spoke to each other, it’s like it was just yesterday.

So, until we do it all again next year…

Marinading in a pool of Sangria!

It’s officially the last weekend before school. To celebrate this most wonderful time of the year we had a little get together of school friends (2 other mum’s & their kids). So in the middle of the afternoon we supervised 5 kids at a friends pool while drinking something red with a strawberry in it (bottled Sangria, & it was yummy!). This was a cheeky surprise that the other mum thought we needed, being as it was meant to be sparkling water & fruit platter, but what better way to enjoy fruit really!

We talked about school, the upcoming Gala, the difficulties of having relatives staying with you, & how this school year we need to go out more. All this was in-between handstands off diving boards, trying to land in the inflatable ring when coming down the slide, & the casualties of these games (punctures & tears). As we gently marinated among the playful sounds of are little darlings, we also reminded ourselves that although we get to have our routines back, child-free grocery shopping & the occasional coffee with a friends, back to school also means after school madness. My boys have just been accepted into a swimming club which means 3 practices a week for elder child, & 2 for younger child. Younger child is also going to be playing soccer for Vancouver United twice a week, after just spending this last week at one of their camps, & they both want to continue with the drums lessons they’ve been having during summer. All this is extra to their guitar lessons & whatever they sign up for at school. I think we are going to have to be strict about what else the can manage to do, it’s great they are so keen to do all this but they can also do too much – I can only do so much!

Still, I have a week or 2 before all that madness begins…


Stove envy!

My apologies for missing yesterday, my BFF has relatives staying with her at the moment & it’s proving to be very challenging. I went over with good listening ears in the hope that if she offloads enough I won’t be visiting her in jail!

Yesterday I popped next door to my lovely neighbour after an ‘over the wall’ conversation with her about how her kitchen makeover was coming along. I have been watching her over the last couple of weeks, cleaning, painting, sorting etc. probably prompted by the fact her stove of 25 years finally gave up on her. She also has relatives arriving from all over the world in preparation for her younger son’s wedding – probably the real reason for the makeover.

I’m not fond of my stove, I’ve used electric since moving here 12 years ago, but until then I’d always used gas – which I much prefer. It is top of my list of changes I would make if we ever renovate our kitchen, & now I’m wishing that it was sooner rather then later. My neighbours new range is beautiful, very shiny stainless steel,which frankly I never find to be stainless. It has a large double oven that if you open by the top handle you can only use the top third of the oven, but then if you open by the side handle you can use the whole oven. It thought this was pretty smart as I often don’t need a full oven. Then, on the front, there is a digital/computerized display with all the knobs & buttons, which is very fancy, but of course it was the burners that I was the most taken with. Gas of course, 4 main burners, 2 large, 2 small, & it even has it’s own cast iron stand for your wok! Then in the centre it has one large oval burner with a cast iron grill which can be used for searing or removed for to use you own griddle or large pan. It was rather fabulous & I must confess to being a little green with envy.

I then came home to my ‘used to be white’ regular, not very fancy stove that only my cleaner can get clean (I don’t ask how because I’m sure what she uses is illegal). I’m used to it & I’m a pretty good cook so I manage, but I do live in the hope that one day I will get to design & install my ideal kitchen… so if about a million people could buy my book that would be awesome – thanks!