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Single parenting…

I have been on my own with the boys sinc hubby left for a conference in Calgary on Wednesday. Times like this make me appreciate 2 things:

– My hubby, &

– My BFF for raising 2 amazing kids on her own!

I still have 24 hours of single parenting, thankfully the Lego Imagine Nation Tour is here this weekend & there is a bunch of us from school going. Can’t wait it should be fun!

Type A Lego…

I might have mentioned before that I love Lego, & in October the Imagine Nation Lego tour is coming our way & guess who just bagged tickets? Hubby is away that weekend so just the 3 tickets purchased (that’s ok he hates Lego anyway) & there is a big crowd of friends from school going too. I’m really excited – I know that’s really sad, but I am currently building the Mini so I’m kinda in the zone. Not only that but the boys & I a having a major sort out of the obscene amount of Lego that they own.

It all started after they’d had a sleepover with school friends who have their Lego separated into colours. My type A tendencies have wanted a better system for ours for a long time, but boys being boys no matter what I tried it still ended up in one big bin all jumbled up. However, they were really taken by the colour coding so that’s what we are currently doing. I had an old set of plastic drawers from my early crafting days, you know type with castors & 2 sizes of drawer? Well, we easily filled that in no time & didn’t have enough drawers for all the colours – & there is NO WAY I could mix of course. So today while younger child was at soccer camp, elder child & I did the grocery shopping & found an even bigger version of these drawers in Canadian Superstore.

This afternoon the 3 of us sat (again) sorting it all out & thankfully we are nearly there. This has now prompted them to rebuild some of the sets that have long been broken up, like the police station & airport. However, when I walked in the younger child’s room this evening I was not happy to find that the booklets were all over the floor from him trying to find the one he needed. As you can imagine I have also tried several methods of keeping them tidy, but again to no avail. My type A’ness took over leading to the 3 of us (again) sitting down & sorting out all the booklets into categories. Then, we got Ziploc bags & a sharpie, bagged them all up, labeled them & put them back in the box the same box (which is also a Lego storage box, of course!). Hopefully now that they are older they will continue this type A’ness & keep everything a bit more organized… but then it’s possible that hell will freeze over first!

Back to life…

… & back to reality!

As summer camps don’t often start as early as school my day shifted forward an hour. I feel like I’ve spent all day catching up with myself – & most of that time has been spent restocking the empty cupboards & fridge! I’m supposed to be all relaxed but raring to go after a two week break from the norm, especially after a child-free weekend. So why do I feel no different?

Hopefully it will just be today…

Wine Vs. Wish list…

08.00 – Running club at 7am for elder child so only younger child to drop off.

08.15 – Muddy dog walk in the forest after a reasonable amount of rain.

09.15 – Stretching because I’m missing pilates today because the graduation ceremony at school means an early dismissal for the boys.

10.30 – I load up the car with the contents of hubby’s beer fridge. No I didn’t take it all to school, yesterday I did I large Costco shop with another grade 1 mum so I needed to empty the beer to accommodate the food. Why? Well, to give the grade 1’s a taster of things to come in their future years at the school, they are doing a sleepover in the gym tomorrow night. I volunteered to shop for the supplies.

I had left a few non-fridge items in the car overnight, then decided to rearrange it all this morning to accommodate all the fruit & veggie platters. I drove away at 10.50.

11.00 – I unload at school with the other mum & the teacher received it all to put it in the fridge. The parents who are cooking & preparing were picking up what they needed at the 11.30 pick up.

11.10 – We are done unloading & early for pick up so we go for coffee.

11.30 – Too busy chatting we are now late for pick up.

11.40 – I pick up 3 kids – my two & a classmate of younger child for a play date. His mum is part of the team cooking breakfast for the sleepover & she has had some difficulty establishing which part she is doing because the others don’t speak English. I told her it was probably best I take her a tray of sausages & the other can work it out between them.

11.45 – Text from the other mum ‘where is the pancake mix’. I tell her it was in the bag with the crackers, ketchup & maple syrup. Apparently there is no such bag.

11.50 – I pull up to our car port & there at the very back, where I unloaded all the bags to rearrange everything, is said bag!

I swear very loudly in my head because we have a guest, then text back, & then email the teacher apologizing. All is fine I can take it tomorrow morning when I drop off for choir.


12.00 – Drama with elder child because he is trying to take over the play date. I separate him completely & it is the end of the world of course, & not fair, & he is very sorry, & he will play nicely. I wasn’t buying any of it & I am the worst mother in the world because I have finally practiced what I preach!

12.30 – Lunch for 3 hungry boys.

13.00 – The 2 younger ones play happily. Elder child mopes around so I allow him into my craft room – under strict supervision.

14.15 – With guitars all packed up we set off to drop off the friend on the way to our lessons. I am not familiar with the area & drive past the house twice.

14.45 – Off to guitar lessons…

15.10 – My lesson is first & I totally nail the bar chords for the dreadful Jack Johnson song. I am doing so well he adds the final part of a clever strumming pattern & cancels out all my hard work.

16.00 – After the boys lessons we head home & I notice that the passenger wing mirror is hanging off – WTF!!!

18.30 – Younger child has been sporting a wide Mohawk for a while, but I promised he could have a skinny one for the summer but not until the end of school. With 2 weeks left & his camp tomorrow I gave in & took out the clippers…

He now looks like Mr. T & thinks it’s awesome (Hopefully with our principal retiring in 3 weeks he’ll not really care about it).

19.30 – Finally the boys are in bed & I really could murder a glass of something but it’s only day 4. When walking past the front door I remembered I hadn’t checked the mailbox today. You can see what I found & it was addressed to me – ME! I’ve already had a paw through it & made a wish list to take my mind off having wine!


Today I chose to…

  • be sensible & rest my poor knee
  • do some stretching to help my aching SI joint
  • do all the laundry so that tomorrow is free
  • practice my bar chords over & over again because I’m going to bloody well nail then if it’s the last thing I do!
  • make some cards
  • Eat salad for dinner so I can then eat a Hagen Daz ice cream bar & not feel guilty (I am a size 0-2, this is not something I have any business feeling guilty about)
  • relax in a hot bath & finish by book!
  • Build my Lego

Today was a good day!!

Technical bliss…

07.30 – We made it to choir on time – again!!

08.00 – Drop younger child in his classroom after doing his reading in the car.

08.15 – After chatting to his teacher (nothing to do with school just socializing) I head to my class parent AGM.

08.30 – Why do I go to all the meetings? Free coffee of course. I volunteer quite a lot at school because I can & it’s important to me that the boys see that I am willing to give up valuable crafting/shopping/social time for the benefit of others. It keeps me busy & my mind active, & of course there is a social side of it. Their school is very much a community & I can honestly say it has that feel about it. I don’t mind giving up time to keep be a part of that.

09.30 – Home to my girl who is grumpy that there has been no walk in the park this morning.

09.50 – The technician from our home security company arrives to fix the mess the first guy left 2 months ago. This guy is a senior techy & listens to me complaining about the first guy. He wants to let the owner of the company because the way the first guy behaved was highly unacceptable & needs to be taken further… oh dear!

10.30 – After changing beds & doing laundry I decide that it’s high time my personal inbox has a spring clean.

12.30 – The technician is having a nightmare fixing the problem but my inbox is gleaming with space. I have sent oodles of mail replying & cancelling & questioning & arranging…

13.00 – The tech is finally done! I have moved on to making teacher thank you cards…

13.45 – Off to the torture chamber…

14.00 – There is a new receptionist at physio who doesn’t know me – doesn’t she understand I practically pay her wages?

14.30 – I refused needles again because I’m bordering on phobia status but he just as mean to me as always.

14.45 – Quickly pop into the pharmacy on the way to school to pick up my Humira, my hair is admired by several – even the owner!

15.05 – School pickup. Remember younger son raided the recycling & took it to school for a project. Well you can imagine how thrilled I was when he proudly marched out of the classroom having made a TV out of it all – now I’ll never get rid of it!

15.40 – Elder child’s turn for hockey so I throw an omelette together for him while having ANOTHER discussion with younger child about the importance of eating his lunch at school. It is calling for drastic measures to prove a point – All Nerf guns have been confiscated until further notice.

08.00 – After guitar practice, spellings, making lunches, reading, baths, & feeding elder child again all is calm in world again… time to build Lego!




I have had a very stressful day in which I did this years ironing, & going to one of my favourite stores in the whole world – the Scrapbook Warehouse – where I remembered while sat at the lights, almost there of course, that they are closed on a Monday!

Therefore, if anyone complains about the lack of blog tonight they can find me in my craft room building Lego!