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On Call Widow!

Poor hubby rolled in at 5.30 this morning having been at work since 7.30 the previous morning. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it affects everyone. We all had to creep around on our eyelashes until I decided that I should wake him before he slept the day away (& I really needed to have a shower!). After resuscitating him with bacon & eggs washed down with black coffee, the inevitable happened…

His pager went off again!!

We don’t normally make dinner plans for an on call weekend, but today he wasn’t the first to be called, normally when he is second it’s very unusual to be called in, so usually safe to stay locally with friends. Unfortunately they had to cancel on us, which ended up not being a bad thing because the husband was still at work. So there I was, now no dinner plans, no husband, disappointed kids not to see their friends & a specially baked cheesecake that should have been for 8 & not 4!

By the time hubby got home – again – the kids were back in their pj’s, I was about to put mine on, & we could see pizza in front of a movie in our future. Finally managing to salvage something of the day at the end of it, we all snuggled up with a roaring fire & enjoyed homemade pizza (sadly not me because ‘it’ doesn’t allow me anymore) & a rather delicious cheesecake that I’d successfully made for the first & I can eat.

We made the most of it because he’s first call again tomorrow & already knows he will at work all day, at least. The moral of this story is… NEVER marry a doctor!!