Pyjama day…

Well it is Sunday & now officially winter so why not. Hubby was at work again. The dog had taken to the sofa & refused to even venture out even to pee. I personally had a shower & actually put on leggings & a sweatshirt which is the next best thing really. Our Saturday’s are almost as busy as the weekdays so Sunday has become a bit of a dossing day. However, it’s amazing how productive you can be with an extra hour in the day, & that’s after a big sleep in. Not only is most of the laundry done (because it’s never all done), I prepared a stew to simmer in the slow cooker all day, changed the beds (well got the boys to strip their beds which is almost the same thing), took down the Halloween decorations (all 6 of them), & made a good start on making elder child’s new quilt for his newly updated tween room. I am ashamed to say they ate Halloween candy for lunch, but they made up for it with a good hearty dinner which hubby was home in time to also enjoy. We then tested out our newly purchased ‘Professor chairs’ around the games table with a game of Cluedo (or just ‘Clue’ as it is known in North America which is so not right), in front of a roaring fire. Tomorrow it’s back to the chaos of renovating & the madness of parenthood, & not enough hours to sleep again!

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