Game of Bones…

Since the arrival of our guest, Tess has been very accepting of another dog sharing her patch. The two are quite amusing together. At only 8 months old Java is head & shoulders above Tess, but she seems to understand that Tess is still top dog. I had forgotten how much work a puppy can be, but even at this young she appears to be better trained than Tess has ever been. However, although I give my girl very little credit, I have begun to realize that she has calmed down significantly, is actually quite obedient, & now extremely tolerant. She doesn’t have much choice to be really, Java follows her everywhere. She will not go out unless Tess goes out, she eventually will lay in her bed when she sees Tess lying in hers, if Tess has a toy, Java wants to play, & so it goes on.

Tess has never chewed bones, of any sort. She has 3 of those rolled up hide things on the go (I think there were 4 but heaven knows where she’s buried that one!), she walks around the house with them in her mouth, and then buries them behind my cushions. If she takes them out into the garden she will dig the biggest hole causing dirt to fly everywhere, drop the bone in, then flick a bit of dirt over it with her snout & walk away – bone completely visible. She has never once chewed them until last night when Java stole one hers & proceeded to gnaw on it. After watching for a few minutes, Tess then found another one & set to work only to demolish the whole thing in just over a hour. Java gave up after a while and left about 4 inches. They both forgot about it until this afternoon…

Java strolled into the kitchen with said bone the look on Tessy’s face was priceless. Despite the fact she had no claim to it really she was determined it was hers when it was whole, & it will be hers again – half eaten. However, there wasn’t any aggression, what followed was actually quite amusing. In my wisdom I thought it best to go and retrieve the 3rd bone, a delicious chicken flavor from Santa. Like all the others it was completely in tact, not a tooth mark on it. Of course this wasn’t acceptable, Tess wanted the eaten bone, but Java then wanted the chicken bone. So they swapped & all was well for about 30seconds. Then Tess got into Java’s bed, with the eaten bone, Java dropped the chicken bone, Tess got out of the bed & took the chicken bone to her bed. Java didn’t dare try & take the chicken bone from Tess’s bed, but now didn’t want the eaten bone either, she paced & paced until Tess left her bed. These shenanigans went on for about half an hour. Every time one left a bone unattended, the other one took it, the boys & I lost count of how many times they changed places.

When we were sat having dinner, Java had taken possession of the chicken bone & was determined not to loose it this time. The 3 of us were sat round the kitchen island eating while Java walked around us over & over again with the bone in her mouth. The best of it was that Tess had long since given up on the game; she had put herself to bed, letting her have whichever bone she wanted. Java being too young & stupid no notice this almost wore holes in the floor with her pacing. She finally settled down to enjoy her prize about 3 hours after she’d originally clapped eyes on it in Tessy’s mouth. It is now lying half eaten on kitchen floor by her bed, the other one hasn’t been seen for a couple of hours. So if you ever visit & sit on my sofa, be warned, you might get more than a comfy cushion to support your back!

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