Georgian Green with a hint of Java!

First of all, in my defense, the stupid beast pushed past the ladder I was standing on & nearly knocked me into next week in the process, brushing herself against the wall. She did this not once, but twice, so not only does she have one side of her body shaded in Georgian green, my kitchen wall is shaded in hint of Weimaraner. Thankfully it’s water based paint so it’s already faded a bit in the rain so no harm done. At least it’s at the beginning of the vacation hopefully by the time her family returns the evidence will be long gone.

On the whole she’s settled in very well. There’s been copious amounts of bed swapping (between Java & Tess), bone swapping, synchronized peeing, double the amount of barking (still not as annoying as the curly cloud that yaps next door) & only one accident. I haven’t lost her in the forest yet, but I am concerned that if her ridiculous ears flap a bit to hard when she runs she might just take off – Dumbo style! In fact, Tess disappears a lot more than Java so we’re always waiting for her to catch up. My elder son did loose a sausage at dinner this evening, it shot off his plate when he tried to cut it & didn’t even hit the floor before it was snaffled up. I have to say watching this thing eat is quite remarkable. As soon as you put it down in front of her she vacuums it up in a matter of seconds – I don’t think it touches the sides.

All total madness here but quiet & calm sounds like it would be boring &… normal!

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