Glamorous decorating…

Today I wore scrubs for the first time in about 10 years. No, I did not go back to work, that ship sailed when I was diagnosed with AS, I was actually working though, in the house. We discovered some years ago that scrubs have many uses, as does surgical equipment, but lets not go there yet. We have used old scrubs as camping pajamas, fancy dress is an obvious one, but my favourite is decorating clothes. Today I was just painting in the bathroom, but I have some amusing stories to tell of times we used them when we lived in England.

The last house we owned in the UK before we moved to Canada was an old Victorian terrace. It was an amazing house, high ceilings with picture rails, polished floor boards, tiled fire places, and the most magnificent claw foot, cast iron bath. A huge thing that I’m sure they built the house around. In fact it is that very bath that was the inspiration for the claw foot tub I write about in Bruises. When we moved into that house every room was painted white. We are not white people, we like rich period colours, so we slowly set to, working are way around the rooms stripping the white woodwork and painting the walls.

The bathroom had wood paneling from the floor to about a third of the way up the wall – painted white of course. So, I bought a heat gun & set to stripping away the thick layers of oily paint right down to the bare wood. Then it needed sanding, so more tools were purchased & we worked our way around again. It was during this project that we discovered OR hats and masks came in very handy, & as hubby is an anaesthetist it was easy to keep a constant supply. No, we were not ashamed of sponging off the NHS; there were no other perks of working crap hours for peanuts. In the UK it was then, & still is in a lot of areas now, the norm to have your milk delivered by a milkman. Then, once a week he or she would knock at the door to be paid. It never occurred to either of us what people might think if anyone saw us all togged up in our ‘decorating gear’, unfortunately for our milkman he did…

Yep! One day he called around for his weekly payment only to have the door answered by my husband wearing the full monty, scrubs, hat, mask, safety glasses, & armed with a power tool. Poor guy nearly had a heart attack, he knew what we did for a living & but I can only imagine what must have being going through his head – neurosurgery in the kitchen maybe?

When I dug to the bottom of the decorating box looking for something to wear, I pulled out my old scrubs from my paediatric intensive care days; they even have ‘staff nurse’ printed on the front. The boys were fascinated at how I looked when I used to work, & I was reminded of all those times we had used old work scrubs for various things other than work. Hubby even told the boys that this was exactly how I looked the first time he met me. I’m staggered at anyone could find someone attractive in these to honest, I swear I could fit 3 of me in here & still have room to spare! They really are the most hideous things one could ever wear – but then I suppose you don’t become a nurse to look glamorous do you?

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