How do you eat yours?

Although we all eat together as a family most evenings, we still make point about sitting down on a Sunday to enjoy dinner together. As a kid I was put through the trauma of a roast dinner EVERY Sunday, and therefore grew to hate them for the longest time. It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that really understood & appreciated this family tradition. So guess what I make most weeks – a roast dinner or some variation of, & believe it or not, I enjoy making it & eating it along with everyone else.

Dessert, or pudding as we call it in the north east of England, was not usually anything fancy. We would get excited about a pie or crumble, but often it was rice pudding, or maybe ice cream if it was the beginning of the month. For my family it has become what’s known as a ‘sundae Sunday’. We even have sundae glasses that are only used on a Sunday for this very dessert. Of course we will enjoy ice cream during the week, in fact hubby & I sat sharing two tubs in front of a movie the other night. What is special about having a sundae Sunday is a real Cadbury’s flake that has travelled all the way from England…

This is probably about the only thing (apart from school uniforms from Marks & Spencer) that I ask people to bring us. You can only buy them here in the special candy stores at about 2 bucks a flake. Something that many Brits will talk about is a ‘99’. Mr. Whippy ice cream on a cone with a 3in flake in the top. It would produce discussions about how you eat yours? Do you eat the flake first? Do you lick around the flake so it sticks out of the top smothered in ice cream then eat it as you get to it? Or, do you push the flake down into the cone, eat the ice cream, & then, eat the flake with the cone?

That’s where the flake in the ice cream comes from. In our house there are rules about the sundae Sunday. You are only allowed two flavours of ice cream. You can only have 2 toppings (mini M&M’s, sprinkles, nuts- which are my favourite), caramel sauce is not included in that, & we cut a full sized flake in half, so we only use 2 flakes between the 4 of us – obviously to make our supply last longer, you often never know when your next flakes will arrive! The crumbs in the packet must be distributed evenly between all of us. Then the question of how you eat the flake is brought up all over again…

Hubby & I save the flake until the end, because that’s really the best bit. I personally like to eat around it, leaving a little bit of ice cream in the bottom so when I do eat it all the crumbs fall on that last bit & I don’t leave any crumbs in the bottom of the glass. Hubby eats his at the very end – always leaving crumbs which is wasteful if you ask me. The boys, however, dive in & eat the flake before anything else, gone in seconds, & that’s it!

So there you have it, I bet you didn’t know that there were so many ways in which to eat a Cadbury’s flake, did you?

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