Hours for nothing…

A normal sort of morning until…

10.30 – I took the cats to the vet for their annual checkup. When I got there they were running about 30 minutes late so I knew my meter was about to run out. I always pay by phone using the app, but I have been having terrible problems with my phone since updating it. The app wouldn’t load & I was out of time.

10.55 – I finally go into examination room, panicking & begging them to hurry up. The stupid veterinary nurse says it will take about an hour – A HOUR! It most certainly will not – it’s NEVER taken an hour. I eventually manage to pay the meter by calling.

11.10 – After narrowly escaping the de-gloving of both my arms & my credit card almost bursting into flames when I paid the bill, I am back at the car – I wish some of my hours were as short as that at the same fee!

11.40 – After dropping 2 very mad cats off at home I head off to the fabric store to meet my BFF. We are both on a mission for certain projects & home furnishings that are a bit overdue.

12.40 – We’re wandering among rows of beautiful rolls of fabric & yet neither of us can really find what we are looking for. I am dissuaded by a sales assistant (who I swear didn’t know how to sew a button on never mind make soft furnishings. We were trying to establish how to make a Roman blind for my craft room, but, my window is too big to make it work well. Unless of course I am willing to spend 3 times as much as I’d budgeted to have a custom made fixture for it to attach to – & even then there are no guarantees it will work properly. So it’s back to the drawing board to think again. In the meantime my ink will have to carry on sweating in the heat.

13.30 – We arrive at the shopping mall for coffee & a little meander around but spend another frustrating hour unable to get exactly what we set out for. The only thing that was successful was a trip to the dollar store – YAY! Long live the dollar store. However, I did get a free perfume when I made a purchase in Victoria Secret – Free is even better than the dollar store.

14.30 – I drive straight to school for pick & sit in so much traffic it would have been quicker to walk.

15.45 – I am late so it’s a scoop & run because elder child has hockey practice on a Wednesday.

18.30 – There is this short period of time while younger child is in the bath, the dog has gone for a walk with hubby to pick up from hockey, the cats are still pissed off with me so are nowhere to be seen, & a blanket of peace is been draped over the house for about 3 minutes, until… –

“MUM,” shouts the voice of younger child “do I have to wash my hair?”

Give me strength!

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