An emotional pile…

I would love to have the ability to write a book that captures every one of your emotions & leaves you absolute tatters, but feeling good about them all. Who knows, maybe one day I will. I do have a story already written that might fall into that category, but it needs some work before I can release it into the wild to be torn apart. I believe that it’s my best to date, that is until I write the story that is still a little too close to my heart to even consider putting it down on a page.

There have been several books over the years that have caught me some way or other. I think the first book I read as an adult that I couldn’t put down was ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ by Louis be Bernières. My husband always remembers when I was reading it, while on vacation in Africa. Stunning terrain & wild animals passed me by & all I could see were words on a page. Then there was the weekend we spent in Whistler. I stayed up till the wee small hours to finsh ‘Room’, & of cause one of my recent favourites, both book & movie, is John Green’s ‘A Fault In Our Stars’. They are all beautiful stories, but today I was reminded of another favourite. One more to add to the pile of emotional feel good books that just affect you in a way you can’t describe.

While in Chapters picking up the remaining novels on my book club’s reading list I noticed they were once again promoting JoJo Moyles. On closer inspection of the display I saw that ‘Me before you’ had an updated cover with real people on the front. Usually that only means one thing – it’s now a movie. Now I’m not normally a fan of books being turned into movies, very few of them are done well & often distort the story, or just don’t capture the soul of the author’s writing. I loved everything about this story, the way it was written & its sensitive nature was not only ambitious, but also very poignant. Moyles addressed an issue that will always make for heated, & often divided, dinner table discussion, & clearly turned it into a love story.

When I checked out the movie trailer it left me wanting more, even though I know the story well. So on this occasion I will have to get over my self & go see it. If it’s anything like ‘A fault In Our Stars’ I will not need mascara but a large box of Kleenex instead!

1 thought on “An emotional pile…

  1. ReetLonari

    I totally agree with you that not all books-turned-movies are presented well.I am really looking forward to read Me Before You, before the movie, haha! I hate watching the movie first then reading the book, it just doesn;t make sense to me! And, I am waiting for your book very eagerly. All the best with, I pray for it to be a bestseller!


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