A day in the life of…

07.55 – Left with kids for school run. Dog not very happy at being left behind because I have to come straight home to book summer camps at 9.00.

08.10 – Dropped kids at school.

08.25 – Arrive home, sort out the Everest sized pile of laundry from the weekend away. Empty the dryer because I forgot to before we went away & place half the items back in the laundry pile because they weren’t dry & therefore smelt bad!

08.55 – Dog sat waiting at the door cross-legged & deeply dissatisfied with the late walk situation.Get computer ready to refresh & go only to find that registration doesn’t open until 11.00 – #@$%!!!!

09.10 – No time to go out to the park, dog now furious about on-leash walk.

10.00 – My cleaner arrives, I make coffee, we chat because I need to make sure she’s ok & she just about is. We have a hug & she gets to work.

10.55 – Finally I’m ready to book!

11.05 – I’m still trying to set up the account & my time is ticking for securing my camps – both of which are in my elder son’s name & I have no idea how to change that. I call & no bugger answers the phone because fools like me are on the other end! I eventually book it in my younger son’s name because there is still space & delete the other one. I finally pay with 2 minutes to spare while my cleaner fires up the vacuum to drown out my swearing.

11.30 – 2.30 I write the rest of the chapter I started last night & make 40 trips to the washer/dryer.

3.00 – Practice my guitar & swear at that too.

3.45 – Pick hubby up from work on the way to picking up the kids. My phone says it’s playing my music, the car says it’s playing my music, but there is no music playing. The roof is down I NEED MUSIC… so I swear at that too!

4.40 – We get home, quickly feed all the animals so we can leave the kitchen alive. Get the boys changed into swim gear, throw a snack & drink at them, leave for a swimming club trial at 5.20.

5.15 – Swim trial, goes well for both but younger son would be better waiting until September to join. We get the training schedule & it doesn’t fit in with are current schedule so that was worth breaking our necks to get to!

6.00 – Dinner, homework, showers, lunches…

7.15 – BED!

7.16 – WINE!




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