A good time was had by all!

When your kids get excited about something & it doesn’t quite go according to plan, as a parent you can’t help feeling bad about it. However, when it goes better than planned it’s fantastic!!

It was always a bit of a gamble inviting old friends, & their two kids, to stay when you haven’t seen them for 12 years. As I’ve mentioned before it was like we’d only just seen them last year. The best part, their kids got on famously with ours. Even better, their kids skiing has improved thanks to a little healthy competition from my boys. The eldest child, who is 12 & the only girl, did remarkably well among 3 daring boys who all bounced off each other in that typical stupid boy way they do.

Although I was left behind both days, which got to me a bit because I had to miss out on all the fun, we did meet for lunch every day. After agreeing on a location & time I was in charge of securing a table for 8. Sadly this was never on the sunny patio because we were just too big & never lucky enough to arrive at the right time. Today, after a late lunch we said our farewells, promising to stay in closer touch, & fingers crossed they will return next year when all being well I will get to join in the fun too.

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