Boot Camp!!

This is how I describe the morning routine that finally gets us out the door & to school. On a normal school day my kids start at 8.20, early I know, but it can also be 7 or 7.30 for my elder boy depending on which co-curricular clubs he does. Yes this can be hard work to co-ordinate, & No.2 & I do a bit of hanging around to accommodate these activities. Getting out of the door wearing & carrying everything they both need is a challenge – & of course the dog comes too so we can carry on to the park – that’s ok she’s easy.

The thing that drives me up the wall about boot camp is the amount of mucking around & silliness that occurs in this small window of time. Their routine couldn’t be easier, their clothes are put out the night before, lunches are made, & I even lay breakfast out – we have been doing the same routine for years now so it should run like clockwork by now… NOPE!

To be fair to No.1, he has gotten much better and will take the initiative to sort himself out. No.2 on the other hand, well if I didn’t remind him to get dressed every morning, every school day would be a pajama day – & he probably wouldn’t notice he was the only one! Take this morning for example, they were discussing what No.2 should wear for school tomorrow. This week is literacy week so tomorrow they are to go dressed as their favourite book character. No.1 is Harry Potter for everything of course, easy he has Quiddich robes; No.2 has decided he would like to be Dobby the house elf. Perfect, I thought, I cut holes in an old pillowcase, rub it in some dirt, find a piece of string to tie around his waist, & he can were the elf ears we have in the dress up box!

The elf ears were where the problems began…

They are a bit big, & therefore don’t stay on very well. They started discussing the problem while putting shoes & coats on. Initially the discussion started off quite helpful, until they started getting very silly about hot gluing them to his own ears, stapling them, hanging him from the ceiling over night from his own ears to stretch them!

Needless to say I was losing it by the time we got out to the car, after handing one of them the lunch that was about to be forgotten. Checking that No.1 had his iPad – no it was still charging in the study. Then there was the Math test I had to sign that was left on the bench after I’d asked twice for it to be put in his bag LAST NIGHT!!

Give me strength!!!

Half way to school I glance in the mirror & notice that No.2’s shirt collar is sticking out the top of his coat. I ask him if he’d remembered to put his tie on, He couldn’t remember if he had, & consequently unzipped his coat to look. It is frowned upon if you don’t wear your tie; it is part of the uniform. The helpful voice next to him suggested he turn his collar down & zip his coat right up so the Principal doesn’t see him. This only made me madder because he couldn’t walk around all day in his coat. Ranting & raving as I’m negotiating three lanes of traffic, left turn filters & a fool who had no idea how to use a roundabout (but then it appears to only be us Brits that do know!). I finally said that he had to apologise to his teacher, & explain why it was forgotten. I also said I would ask his teacher if he had done so.

When I saw her at pickup, of course he hadn’t, & he looked very sheepish about it too. So I didn’t leave school in any better frame of mind than when I’d dropped off. We rushed off to their guitar lessons, & not two seconds after we’d got in the car & pulled away, I notice No.2 dancing around in his booster seat… “Mum I’m bursting!”


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