A walk in the park…

It’s inevitable that when you have a routine where you go to the same place, at the same time, on the same day/s, you will see the same people. So, every morning in the forest I always see a guy who trains guide dogs, he usually has his own Labrador, & a pup in training. The lady who rides her bike with her dog trailing behind, on leash, attached to the back. There are will be several runners with or without dogs. Then there’s the high-speed train lady who walks super fast, never looks back to see if her dog is following, but he always is. There’s the lady who walks while carrying treats so her dog follows her (along with every dog in the city!). The little old Chinese lady who walks alone & looks like she’s about to go an expedition to Antarctica – no matter what the weather. I could go on & on, there are many more…

My favourite, however, is an old couple who must be in their 80’s. They are there every morning without fail, walking their black Labrador. The guy never says much, just a good morning, but his wife always makes me smile – & this morning I really needed a smile, even though she says the same thing EVERY morning. She will be walking along, slightly bent, & not at a great speed. In her purple coat, clumsy walking boots & an orange hat. I think the dog must be a reasonable age too, because it’s never interested in bouncing around with my 3 year old that behaves like she’s 3 months. There is always a ‘good morning’ exchanged, and then…

“Aren’t we so lucky to have this park… I grew up not too far from here, so I know this park well…”

Sometimes there’s a bit more than that, or the order of the speech might change, but without fail, that’s what she will say.

I smile to myself, mainly because I will try & predict exactly what she will say & in which order. But also because I think it’s amazing that this couple continue to be active. I really have no business complaining, & that is why I am writing about them today – so I don’t complain! Although since we’re on the subject, I am more comfortable today & taking it easy, which is what I should have been doing yesterday but I don’t listen to my body. Let’s see if it pays off…

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