WARNING: Mouth works faster than brain!

This is a problem I have always had. Usually it’s amusing so I get away with it, often it is a blonde moment when I just don’t get it, and occasionally I completely drop myself in it! Then there are the times when my kind & generous nature agrees to do something that will take up time & energy.

So there I am hanging out in the school lobby minding my own business just waiting for No.1 (No.2 was in dance!). I get talking to the president of the parent association. I don’t know how but we get talking about our principal retiring, & gifts etc. This is where my mouth started, even though my brain was a little late in engaging, it very quickly started saying “SHUT UP!!” But no, the mouth just kept going…

What did I get myself into?

Well I am a HUGE crafter. So much so, that we are about to renovate a part of the house so that I can have my own room. Once a week my best friend & I make cards, scrapbook, & have a good old bitching session during the process. We get excited about cardstock, embellishments, die cuts, stamps, ink, embossing, heat guns & oh so much more.

You know what’s coming don’t you…

That’s right, I first of all offered to make a personalized retirement card, which the president thought was a fantastic idea. She was also trying to think of something very personal, a keepsake of the 16 years he’s been principal or a project the kids were involved in. Then my mouth really got going, ‘how about a scrapbook?’ Then she remembered the scrapbooks that I made for our winter gala fundraiser last November (they fetched $3000 each at the live auction – which I’m rather proud of thanks to my best buddy for helping me). The response of course was “what a fantastic idea!”

As her son arrived & she had to shoot off, we left the idea open & said we would talk about soon. I would work on some thoughts & ideas in the meantime. As I too gathered No.1 & headed off to the coffee shop to join other mum’s who were waiting for siblings, I chastised myself for being to kind & generous. This would need to be done by June, yes ages away, but not really when you consider the potential scale of the project. However, it is what I do, & I do it well & love doing it. It’s always fun to do something different. I have done several baby books, a wedding book, holiday books & of course my own kids scrapbooks (which constantly get put on hold to accommodate what my mouth can’t say no to!), a retirement book for a fantastic principal who stands at the door every morning & shakes the students hands as they enter. Who knows every child by name, who their siblings are, who their parents are, & even who their grandparents are. A principal that will be missed by everyone, students, staff & parents. To be part of documenting his achievements & wishing him well in his retirement, I’ll find the time even if I have to stay up all night!!

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