Oh My Dog!

My loyal companion happily jumps into the car every morning for the school run. She knows the routine now & if it changes for any reason the look on her disappointed face says it all, & I’m racked with guilt for leaving her behind. Once we’ve dropped the boys, it’s off to the local regional park – Pacific Spirit. A rabbit warren of biking and walking trails through dense woodland, it’s perfect for off leash.

Today the rain returned with vengeance after a short break, but it always still damp & muddy when we walk in dry weather. So, everyday, for the last couple of weeks she has been getting more & more stinky. I’d already decided that it was time for a bath, but when we got in the car this morning my elder son was horrified at the state she was already in after only 15 minutes in the garden – before our walk!

Despite her plight, I tried to not make the situation any worse & put her coat on. Tess HATES her coat. Honestly if looks could kill I would have dropped down dead the day I bought it. I even have a picture of her all togged up ready to go out, sat facing the wall in shame. The good thing about the coat is that she walks beside me instead of wandering off into the trees – don’t know why you would think she would want to hide.

So there I am, head to toe in rain gear, chatting to a friend who also joined us this morning, & poor Tessy is getting soggier by the minute. After 45 minutes we arrive back at the car with a dog that was once a nice strawberry blonde, but had turned a horrible filthy brown. My friend asked me if I had a towel, which I always do, but really, there was no hope in this situation other than to drive straight to the salon.

They know us well at the pet salon; she has been going there since she was pup. I walked through the door smiling sweetly ‘any chance of a bath? They were busy but as long as I could leave her until I picked the kids up it would be fine. This worked perfectly, so I made my way through the gate, Soggy doggy in tow…

When they saw why I was requesting their services, the groomer just breathed out an ‘oh dear!’ then in the same breath also said that was dogs like Tess that gave them job satisfaction. And it’s true, I should have taken a before & after picture. My girl was bouncing around on the other side of the gate when I picked her up, she was beautiful again & smelling of roses. Of course, she greeted me in a way that suggested she thought I was never ever, EVER coming back to get her. I always find it funny that all the other dogs greet me the same, in the hope I have also come for them too (I wonder if she does that when other owners come for their dogs?).

Anyway, all clean & fluffy again we headed off, right back out into the… RAIN AGAIN!!!

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