Costco… love it & hate it!

How is it possible that at 10.30 on a Monday morning the Costco parking lot is already full? Do none of these people have jobs to go to? And, why in the name of bulk buying are there kids ALSO in the store? I walk in after finally parking, to find that the lineups are almost the length of the store. It was heaving, did these people not spend enough at Christmas? Now apparently, according to the radio this morning, today is the most depressing day of the year. So, perhaps they were comfort buying. Let me tell you that a shopping cart full of soymilk & seaweed is not comfort buying. These people needed to get themselves down to the Easter isle & out of my way. Yes, you read that correctly, EASTER!! There were eggs, bunnies, pastel coloured M&M’s pretending to be mini eggs, there were mini eggs too, Lindt balls, again trying to con you into thinking they were a limited edition version just for Easter. They were the same chocolates we had for Christmas, just in a different wrapper, in a box the shape of a basket!

Now as many of you already know, it is impossible to go to Costco & stick to your list. Part of the problem is that you see something you absolutely, must have, can’t live without, but if you leave it until next time they will never sell it again! So of course you pop the non-stick sauté pan on the bottom of the cart, it’s only 40 bucks, why not? I can easily have a half full cart & not have ticked a single thing off my list.

Then there are the people who eat there way around. Those things are a disaster too. They know just how to catch you as you turn into an isle only to take a short cut to the top end of the freezers on the other side. How often do you buy those items? Me personally, not many because I usually can’t eat them, but the number of people you see standing there declaring how delicious it is, & therefore they should try it, is quite a lot. The interesting part is that the women seem to say ‘yes’ because they are too busy concentrating on the things they need, to be listening to their partners. The men on the other hand just say ‘yes’ because they are starting to lose the will to live & just need to get the flock out of there.

I managed to arrive in the checkout just when the lineups had disappeared. This is all very well & good, but it means that I can’t empty my cart in time for the packer person to re-load at the other end. She then starts breathing fire & checking her watch while I hurl eggs & 4l cartons of milk at the girl on the till. Don’t even ask me about the way some of them pack, that’s a whole other discussion. I then had the exciting task of unloading everything at home to look forward to… joy!

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