So, what did she find?

Well, it’s happened before, & it’s happened again. Clinically I have looked worse than my imaging suggests & the surgeon has reluctantly gone in & found it was worth taking the chance. When I saw her right before going into surgery she was taken by surprise to find my knee looked worse again & had changed in shape. When she mentioned that she would try & keep the incision small I stressed to her that a scar was the least of my worries & I would rather she did whatever she felt was necessary to make sure she had the best chance of fixing it. By this point I was starting to feel quite nervous. All credit to the hospital in Richmond they were friendly, efficient, & professional. I can honestly say the whole experience was very positive.

When I woke I was quite sore, I vaguely remember my surgeon asking me to push my foot against her hand – something she had primed me for before I went in so she could make sure she hadn’t damaged the major nerve that runs along the area she was working in. It wasn’t until I was texting hubby afterwards & waiting for him to pick me up that he briefly told me that she did have to take bone away. He then explained it in a bit more detail on the way home that she had found some extra bone formation around the fibula head where the tendons & ligaments insert. This was not something she had seen on any of the scans. She ended up stripping away a part of the tendon to get to the area & then nibbled the bone away until it looked more like it should. She can’t be sure that this will be a complete cure, but had said that it definitely looked better & I would be pretty sore afterwards.

So far I’m not too bad, but I do have some pretty serious pain meds, but I can bend it a little & at rest it feels ok. I’m sure the next few days will be a little challenging but I am relieved it’s over & if I’m honest even more relieved that she actually found something that made it all worthwhile. Fingers crossed it will only get better from now on.

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