Oh what have I done?


I know I’m saying it again but I’m being very good tonight because hubby & I are meeting friends for dinner & I’ve said I’ll drive. To be honest I couldn’t face a drink if you paid me. What started out as a few mums who needed a glass or two, turned into quite the session. At some point towards the end of the night (like 1am!), I don’t know how, but new parent support group president mum (we’ll call her PSG mum for short) & I got on talking about me chairing the charity gala in the future, maybe next year. I mentioned my idea about a Casino Royale/Bond theme & she got very excited at this idea. Before I knew it we were thrashing out details & discussing licensing to have roulette & blackjack tables.

In the past I have given hubby instructions to shoot me if I ever agree to do that event that is a very large elaborate affair that can rake in around quarter of a million for the school. So, it’s not something you can just spend an afternoon planning over a cup if coffee. Nope! It’s very full on & important you get it right because this is not only to raise money for the school, but it’s parents letting their hair down & having fun, & precedents have been set for what they expect of the evening. I have no doubt that I’m capable of meeting the challenge, but it will be time consuming & I already feel like there are not enough hours in the day. Unfortunately there was a third party present during the conversation so I can’t deny it ever took place because there is a witness. So I guess that’s it so watch this space… hubby hasn’t pulled the trigger on me yet!

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