Wilting by Wednesday…

06.40 – My younger son walks into the bathroom clutching the tooth fairy pillow looking very disappointed. I immediately swear in my head – this is the 2nd time we’ve forgotten! In our defense, he lost it at field hockey last night, placed it on the kitchen countertop when he showing me, then it went missing. Hubby wrote the tooth fairy a note explaining, & popped it in the little pouch part of the pillow, then placed it under the very middle of younger child’s pillow. It had been a long day & we both had a lot on our minds after seeing the surgeon – again.

Meanwhile back in the bathroom I needed to think of another plausible excuse: I suddenly remembered that at least one other person had also lost a tooth at hockey, so once again declared that she must have been busy – I felt terrible about it. Forgetting once is excusable but twice is criminal!

07.00 – I text hubby to let him know – he feels terrible too.

07.25 – We leave for school, my eldest has choir at 7.30 which we are clearly going to be late for.

07.33 – Pull up outside school in record time, without being caught by the cops, & wave goodbye to eldest child.

07.40 – Younger child didn’t have time to do his reading last night so we sit in the underground parking lot and read – while getting strange looks from all the teachers.

07.45 – My phone rings, it’s teacher mum, there was no choir this morning so elder child is with her & her kids in her classroom. #&@* #&@* #&@* I could have had an extra half and hour in bed!!

08.00 – I take younger child to teacher mum’s classroom, even though he can go to his own at 8am – he reads at a grade 2 level so he gets his books from that classroom & he needed to change the one we’d just read.

We say goodbye – again – to elder child/brother who is now leaving to go to his own classroom.

08.05 – I deposit younger child in his classroom & chat to his teacher for a few minutes – she was curious about the hockey shenanigans of the previous night & why my husband was hanging around in the back alley of a school wearing lycra! She commended both teacher mum & I on getting everyone fed, watered, to hockey on time & homework done.

08.20 – 09.20 – The dog is excited to be off leash in the park & plays with all her friends who she thought she would never ever ever see again.

10.00 – 14.00 – I wash my hair, because of the imaginary choir I did not have time this morning but that’s what hats are for!

Put the laundry away.

Do some Pilates.

Schedule some quotes to tweet (you didn’t honestly think I remember to post one everyday did you? Have you read my life over the past two days?)

Stop the cat from eating the plant.

Write some more of my next chapter.

Stop the other cat from eating the plant.

Do some guitar practice – get up half way through to STOP THE CAT FROM EATING THE PLANT!! & close the craft room door to stop the cat from eating the plant.

14.30 – Hubby & I have hatched a tooth fairy plan because we feel soooo bad. I write a note (with my left hand to disguise the writing) to younger child saying that because he had left for school early she missed him & she was leaving an extra dollar to make up for it!

15.10 – School run, straight home for homework & early dinner because it’s elder child’s turn for hockey tonight.

15.45 – The boys are discussing whether or not the tooth fairy comes during the day, on the back of the fact she didn’t come last night, I declare that it is unlikely but maybe he should check…

RESULT – He thinks the note is the best thing ever & he’s a buck richer because of her incompetence!

17.20 – Hubby is on call so we three pile back in the car to drive to hockey even though it’s walking distance but my knee is still protesting about the morning dog walk.

17.45 – Back home, younger child practices his talent show compilation on his guitar – his peers are in for a treat, 7 years old playing The Rolling Stones.

18.10 – Hubby arrives home, he eats while younger child reads to him. Younger child has bath while I get back in the car to drive 5 blocks to pick up big brother.

By 19.30 we are all heaps on the bed listening to Narnia – I don’t even like Narnia but never pass up an opportunity to lie down.

Until tomorrow… When elder child has to be at school for 7am & I can be found in the school lobby with a 5ft stuffy!

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