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This is it!

It’s real, it’s official, and it’s now available to buy, and people already have!!


I knew it was due to be released any day, but I didn’t actually get formally told that it had gone live. The moment when I saw my book for sale on Amazon, I swear I stopped breathing. The sudden realization that I’d actually done something that nobody and nothing can take away from me. It was finally a reality, not just file on my desktop anymore, but an actual product that will hopefully collect dust on several bookshelves, potentially all over the world. I then think I had a moment of ‘oh, what have I done!’ Then I found out that my first hard copy had been sold online, and the overwhelming urge to dance around my friend’s living room and behave like a giggly teenager resuscitated me. I was then whisked off to the liquor store to buy something bubbly, and our evening of crafting went all to hell in a handcart!!

My 5 year old made me smile when he discovered that I’d actually sold a copy – he declared that means I now have a proper job like daddy. It’s interesting that young children don’t see that they themselves are a full time job; ahh yes of course, I’m just a mum! As it happens I really don’t see either as a job. Being a mum is a significant part of my life, something that I find incredibly rewarding and totally frustrating all at the same time. The author thing is just a kind of hobby really, another one to add to my list of pastimes. Something to stop me going brain dead and hopefully make me more interesting so I have more to talk about than snotty noses or Lego!

You can buy a copy of Bruises directly from my publisher by clicking here. It is also available on Amazon and will soon be available on other online book stores. A synopsis is also available on the Bruises Facebook page, which you can Like & invite others to Like. I’m grateful to anyone & everyone who’s kind enough to show their support & spread the news.

This isn’t about the money…

… this is about me!

I’ve finally got to the stage in my journey where I need to talk about how much to charge for my book and what royalties I hope to gain from it. But honestly, even if I sell one book, to me, it will be an achievement. Just to have the finished product in my hand and be able to say ‘I did this’ will be enough. My disease has taken many things away from me, things I never thought it would get its evil claws into. It is a disease that never gives up; it chips away at your life and everything that is precious until it claims every part of you. It endeavours to bring you down, crush and flatten you both mentally and physically. It rules, controls and dominates every aspect of your life. And it never gives up.


The strength I find to face life doesn’t come from what I can do, it comes from overcoming the things that I once thought I couldn’t do. I set out to create something that my disease can never take away from me. I didn’t take it seriously at first, I just went with the idea and let it take me on a journey, destination unknown. I have almost reached a destination. Or at least a landmark. A place where I can stick two fingers up at AS and prove that, despite it knocking me down a few times, showing me things I never wanted to see, leading me to experience deep sadness and feelings of failure… despite these things, I could carry on, fight back, and achieve something I never thought in my wildest dreams would be possible. I will be a published author.


Of course, I would love my book to do well; who wouldn’t want that? But if it does, then that’s a bonus – then I won’t have to soften my husband up by putting Jaffa cakes in his lunchbox before I admit to buying not one, but two new dresses! I’m just stocking up so you don’t see me in the same one twice J


Watch this space. Bruises will be coming to an online bookstore near you, very, very soon!