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And so it begins…


I decided to get Thanksgiving over with before I jumped on the promotional bandwagon, and here I am. The coffee shop in which I wrote most of Bruises is the first place that has offered to promote me. The owner has been very accommodating and keen to help promote me in anyway he can, though I’m not sure he really knows what my book is about… probably best not to enlighten him. After several attempts at an author poster – without the help of hubby, so I’m quite proud, actually – I still ended up resorting to my craft supplies. I would welcome readers’ thoughts on it – good or bad?! Anyway, this little display now has pride of place in the coffee shop, right next to the milk & napkins etc. It’s at eye level (well, my eye level, so chest level really) and also happens to be beside the area where the punters wait for their beverages. Only a few minutes after it went on display, I spotted a woman reading the back, and then a dirty old man began fingering it after he studied my picture then glanced across at me sat in the corner, where I promptly tried to make myself even smaller.

The great thing about this gig is that once again I get to hang out here regularly and enjoy some very good overpriced coffee. It is, thankfully, proving to be a more positive promotional experience than the one in the independent bookstore on the next block. I randomly called in after a brutal physio session (in which, despite turning up with a lovely signed hardback copy for my tormentor, I was still attacked with a gazillion needles – I actually thought I was in pretty good shape that day too, having had no painkillers for two days – clearly I was wrong!) Hoping I didn’t look as bad as I felt, I presented myself to the ‘lady’ at the counter in this tiny bookstore. There were one or two people milling around shelves as I launched into my speech… ‘self-published author… consider consignment…’ etc. etc. The assistant, who was significantly taller than me (not difficult, despite my wedges) looked down on me like I was something the cat had dragged in. It took me nearly all of my ‘cheeky free’ 20 minutes on my parking meter to extract the owner’s business card from her, as it was clearly more than her job’s worth to give it up. There was once a time when I would have cowered and left, but not now. Now, I believe in myself, and I believe in my book, and I will succeed because I’m crazy and have enough confidence now to think I can.

‘So it’s explicit?’ she said with slight tone of disgust.

‘No, it’s tasteful but smouldering.’ I had to stop my inside voice from adding, ‘read it lady, you might learn something!’

Sadly, the owner still hasn’t emailed me back, but I’m not seeing this as a setback; if anything, it’s her loss not mine. I’ll just move onto my next port of call… which just happens to be our local kids’ bookstore. They have a small adult section that features various genres. Appropriate? I don’t see why not. I’ve seen many mums (& dads) let their kids loose in that place to peruse the shelves alone; it’s the perfect situation for mum to find a little something too!

You can get your copy of Bruises direct from my publisher, from Amazon and other major online bookstores.

Large & skinny!!

A couple of times a week I find myself stranded while my youngest attends either art or some sort of sports class. I see this as an opportunity to treat myself to something large & skinny, while I enjoy a well earned sit down. However, I’m not very good at doing nothing, there is only so much social networking & emailing you can do in an hour & a half. It was also during these times I started to feel like I was becoming a bit brain dead, I love reading but I needed something a little more stimulating than a good novel. I have no idea where the idea to write came from, but suddenly I found myself sitting here … writing! The even crazier part is that I don’t have a computer anymore, just an iPad, & yes I started typing on the touch screen – talk about frustrating. Now, I didn’t even know at this point you could get keyboards for the iPad until I saw a friend of ours with one. So, off to the Apple store I went, purchased one in bright red & OMG! It was fantastic. Whatever possessed me to think I could do this without one? And yes I still use it even now, although editing is proving to be quite challenging.

As we know many a book was started in a coffee shop, & I can say that mine too will join that list. As the geeky barista personally brings me my coffee with a foamy heart on top, Jack & Frankie are getting down & dirty on my screen. A little old lady next to me comments on how productive I’m being…. if only you knew love! as I make my font a little smaller so the group of veterans behind me don’t have heart attacks. I will of course acknowledge the lovely people in here for supplying me with my caffeine fix, however, I’m not sure how keen they’ll be to admit it was written in their coffee shop when they discover ‘what’ I wrote 😉