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Does size matter?

What do you prefer, smaller and thicker, or, bigger and skinnier? So that would be 5.5 x 8.5 or 6 x 9 – difficult to visualize so I dug in the sewing box for a tape measure and raided the bookshelves to compare the two. There you go, you see, it was your mind in the gutter this time and not mine for a change! I am talking about the important decision I have to make regarding the final size of my book. While fondling one in each hand, I began to weigh up the pros and cons of each. The smaller book is a much more manageable size, and is definitely more aesthetically pleasing. However, will it be too small for the cover image I have in mind, and will this impact the amount of story and author information I am able to put on the back? I guess that is something I have to take advice on – that’s what I’m paying them for after all!

The large book might lend itself better to my cover image, I think, but it just felt too big to handle (steady on, again your mind not mine!). And, of course there will be more room for information, and fewer pages to plow through, etc.. So once again I went with my gut instinct on this, also taking into account the finger my husband waved in the general direction of his personal choice (without looking up from his laptop *sigh*), and erred on the side of less being more. All that to place a tiny dot on a form… 5.5 x 8.5 it shall be.

This was only one small part of one of several forms my manager had forwarded for me to complete. I finally found a break in the weekend, between birthday parties, making curtains (which are a total disaster – never start making a pair of curtains then decide to write two novels before you finish them!), refereeing child and animal conflicts (I have more animals than children!), dog walking and general life maintenance, to tackle said forms. At some point in the weekend my husband relieved me of the boys and took them out to run some errands. He swung by his office to drop some things off, where they were intrigued by the woman in the two photographs on his desk. He informed them that ‘it’s Mummy’, to which the reply was, ‘oh – when she was young?’ Thanks boys!! Later that evening, when I was attempting to get my skin in some sort of shape for our impending family vacation, my youngest asked what on earth I had on my face. I replied, tongue in cheek of course, that it was supposed to make me look beautiful, to which his reply was, ‘well, it isn’t working!’

So now, the next big question is, do I take the honesty of my 5 year old to heart and review my plan to include a picture with my author information? Because it would appear I am far too old and ugly to even consider such exposure!!

Too many words!!

‘That’s a reasonably big book’, my publishing consultant pointed out, ‘you should consider making it 2 books’, she said.
Err… no!! Why? Well it has a sequel so that would make it a trilogy & EVERYONE is doing trilogies. So that’s a big fat no, lady, not going to happen. One of the things I really want to do with these books is break the mould. I want to give my readers something different, something fresh, and something real. So no trilogy!!! When I wrote them I never once sat there and thought, ‘right, now what do I write?’ I knew from them moment I began what the very last line of book 2 would be, and the journey it would take to get to there. And once I rolled with it, I couldn’t stop. Maybe that’s how it got so big; my imagination ran away with me.

However, despite my beta readers telling me that it really didn’t seem that big, and some of them didn’t actually want it to end, I do need to tighten it up. The professional reader report highlighted those bits as being very well done… a big fat high five to my imagination! It was also reported, with regard to those bits, that it may also contain too much of a good thing. So, even though my friend is protesting, some of those bits will have to go I’m afraid, but she’s made me promise that certain ones have to stay… oh yeah, absolutely!!

I must now be on my 15 millionth round of editing, and I’m sure it won’t be my last. This week I will hopefully sign the contract, pay them money I don’t have, and take another step towards the shelves…