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Where do you get your hair done? I’m always being asked. The truth… a training school!

Yes that’s right, students cut & colour my hair, and have done for over five years now. People very often don’t believe me, I would never go anywhere else – Future Hair Training School on Broadway @ Cambie, never once have I left disappointed (apart from the odd really bad blow dry but they all have to learn). So, when I turned up for the full monty today they were really excited to see the book. As you can see they did an awesome job once again with my slightly vibrant request in colour, and a new shorter do was also done to perfection – as always.

The highlight of the whole experience – I sold two books. They made me feel like a local celebrity by requesting a signing too – hehe! I now have happy hair and readers too… Result!!

You can get your copy from FriesenPress, Amazon and other major online bookstores.

Now it’s real!!


I was so excited I couldn’t resist the bad hair and no make up silly selfie… and I know the orange clashes really badly – But I don’t care, I’M OFFICIALLY AN AUTHOR!!!

Get your copy of Bruises from FriesenPress or Amazon


Can you believe that a friend of mine received her hardcover version of my book in the mail last week? No! Me neither! Obviously spending 18 months of my life writing, editing, finding a publisher, editing, negotiating with publishers, editing, editing and more editing, does not make me worthy enough to be the first to receive a copy. My friend’s husband said – during my FaceBook tantrum – that it’s not like I don’t know what happens at the end – not the point! As you can see by the pic, it looks quite good, but then I would say that because I honestly never thought it was possible to turn it into a real book. So, not only am I a little ticked off about this, I then discover that those naughty people at Amazon are screwing around with my prices and charging insane amounts of money here in Canada, and particularly in the UK. The novel is set in the UK; it is going to hopefully be a big market for me, not to mention it being my motherland. Who do they think they are? Don’t they have enough money? I would like to publish the sequel, people, at least let me make something out of this one!

Ok – rant over!

On a more positive note, I was quite excited to read the one and only review that someone kindly posted on Amazon.ca. She gave it 5 stars…. 5 STARS!! Apparently she ‘couldn’t put it down’ and ‘didn’t want it to end. It was funny and sweet, and definitely a little steamy’. She fell in love with my characters, Frankie and Jack, and she can’t wait to find out what happens next! A big fat YAY to me! Only one review but hey, an author has to start somewhere.

So what are you all waiting for… get your copy now and tell me what you think.

photo copy

Go on… I know you’re dying to read it!

That will do nicely!

I never in a million years thought I would ever receive such a positive evaluation. Sure my beta readers gave me great feedback, but most of them are friends, some of whom know me very well. It would be difficult for them to be unbiased. Only one of my six beta readers doesn’t know me and had no idea who had written the book. She was hooked from the beginning and was making all the right noises by the end. It was enough to convince me, and to some extent my husband, that with fine tuning my manuscript could possibly be good enough to be published.

So, just how positive was the editor’s feedback? Well, the manuscript is strong enough to go straight to proof reading and copy editing in its current form. It’s not perfect, but I personally don’t need to change a thing; all the minor adjustments will be done in the next phase. I worked hard to make it as good as I could get it, but I have my husband to thank for going through it with a fine tooth comb. I can’t be mad at him any more for not believing in me at the beginning of last year, when I plucked up the courage to finally tell him what I was up to. Admittedly, those first five chapters he read were shockingly badly written, and not surprisingly put him off reading any more. But, eventually, even when he had better things to do with his time and life got in the way, he helped me polish it and make it shine!

We are about to go away on a family vacation, and spend some quality time by a pool in a nice round 30 degrees, thank you very much. I can truly go away now feeling proud, positive and able to relax while the professionals do their job sprucing up my manuscript and designing my cover.

See you in a couple of weeks!!

This is not the email your waiting for…

Every would-be author has done it. Waited and waited and waited for that all-important verdict on their manuscript. Even though I still chuckle every time I call myself a writer, I have spent almost 2 weeks impatiently waiting. Even though I was told it would take 10-14 days, I knew that once I got to this week I would be jumping on my phone every time it tooted to let me know that I was receiving mail.

However, there is a tiny part of you that doesn’t really want to know what the professional thinks because, in a matter of seconds, a year’s work could be flushed down the toilet, condemned. I am a wife, a mother, a nurse (well, I was once); a member of the invisible disease club; a blonde (maybe should have put that first!), and a Brit. But am I a writer?

Even if an editor thinks I am, it is the readers of the world that will decide whether or not my slightly steamy imagination and humorous story telling is good enough to officially make me a recognized author. It would be amazing if that happened, but if it doesn’t I will still carry on writing because, at the end of the day, this is for me, nobody else – ME!! Rarely do I say that – I think those who know me well would agree that I am far from self-centered – but occasionally a girl just needs a little something she can call her own, especially if she’s worked hard to earn it and overcome many obstacles along the way. I would like to reinforce something I have said before and will probably say again and again: this is something my disease can NEVER take away from me.

Meanwhile back at the email… all day long, every single ‘toot’ was Gap, or Restoration Hardware (can’t afford to buy anything in there anyway but a girl can dream!), info about Jeans Day at school, Facebook messages, school field trip news. You name it; it all came through, without a single bit of consideration for the fact that my nerves were in absolute tatters. Then, while making dinner, supervising homework, catching the contents of my five year old’s nose as he sneezed for the 5 millionth time and folding my 500th load of laundry… ‘TOOT’ – I ignore it, it’s after 5pm, it can’t be important, it will just be Banana Republic AGAIN trying to sell me another dress I don’t need. BUT, I found out over an hour later, yes a WHOLE HOUR later, that it WAS the email I was waiting for…

Signed, sent… & scary!

Well, I got what I deserved from my physio, but he knows that I am a disease rebel and it’s not worth lecturing me. So yes, yesterday I felt like I’d been hit by a train, but did it stop me sitting in front on the computer… did it heck! I justified doing some work because it meant that I was ‘resting’ – whatever that is. When you don’t remember what it is like to be pain free because you belong to the exclusive club of invisible diseases, there is very little life can throw at you to bring you down. It became a sad reality, yesterday, that I am to be officially retired from the UK healthcare system due to ill health. I am a pensioner at the age of 41 – isn’t that hilarious! Yes I have to laugh about it despite what it really means: I am facing an uncertain future.

But hey! A nice big fat lump sum means I can publish my book… book a family vacation… & buy a new bikini! I am a pensioner, I can still enjoy life and have some fun, because isn’t that what you do when you’re retired? Apparently, it is also the time that many do write a book, so I’m already one step ahead of the game.

Given all of this, today I signed the contract, confidently sent it, and took a big deep breath that escaped into a big grin. Then caught myself and thought ‘This is actually quite scary, I have no clue what I’m doing… ” But if your dreams don’t scare you, you’re not aiming high enough!