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School Winter Gala 2017…

… has a new chair person – ME!

Yes, I have gotten myself in a right pickle this time & if the truth be known I am secretly very excited about having something of this magnitude to focus on & call my own. At the end of the day it’s just a big fancy party really. Our new parent support group president (who is also a good friend) hasn’t wasted any time & wants us to meet next week. Fine by me, this gives me a full year to plan & prepare.

Bring it on, I know I can do this!

The audition…

My elder son has always been keen to perform in shows/plays/musicals, but when it comes down to it he looses confidence when he is put in the spotlight. He did an amazing job in the school play earlier this year as part of the drama club, & has talked about wanting to take his ambitions further. However, although he is a very confident child for his age I’m not sure if in reality performing will suit him. Every other year the school puts on a musical & casts grade 4-12, which he is eligible for this time around. He found out about the auditions while he was away at camp last week & was very keen on putting his name forward. While we were with his teacher my younger son over heard that his big brother wanted to audition & immediately jumped on it asking if he could too. The disappointment on his face when he was told he was too young was so sad. But, it turned out that he could audition & if the drama teacher thought he was up to it, she may allow him to perform.

Over the weekend I asked elder child to sing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ – the song they had been told to sing, but he was unable to do this comfortably in front of me, & couldn’t do it in front of friends. He got better over the weekend but sadly didn’t really show the confidence that he really needed. He has been given a couple more days because he had a soccer tournament today. On the other hand, little brother totally nailed the song & the amusing poem he chose to recite, telling & singing to anyone who would listen, &… totally nailed the audition! Apparently the grade 9 & 10 students stood next to him, also auditioning, couldn’t even remember the words to the song, & , it turns out he is the youngest student EVER to audition. I am so proud of him for just putting himself forward. We’ll just have to wait now to see what happens…

Parent’s have fun together too!

This is my 2nd year as a class parent for my elder son’s year, grade 5. When I began this role I suggested to the other class parents very early on in the school year that we organise a parent social event. As I was the one suggesting, & I also have the right kind of house for that sort of thing, I ended up hosting it of course. It was a small gathering of about 16 parents last year, but was still a great success. This year I was asked by a number of parents if we were going to organize another one, so we did & it was held last night. It was an even bigger success than last year, so much so that I think we might organize another one in late spring before the kids finish early for the summer.

It is funded by the parents themselves. When we asked for their yearly contribution to our gala project & gift fund we requested an extra $10 to cover the cost of the food. We ask everyone to bring a bottle of their favourite go to wine, I bought extra cheese, chips, crackers when I was grocery shopping ing Costco, & we (my fellow class parent & friend) laid out platters of nibbles. We started the evening relatively early at 6.30, expecting it to be over by about 9.30. At 10.30 last night it was still going strong, which suggested people were enjoying themselves enough to not notice the time.

Some of those parents are either good friends, or I see them regularly at school, but there were some parents whom I never see – usually the dad’s. I tried to make a point of talking to those parents I don’t see all the time, otherwise what is the point in arranging a gathering to get know people better if you only hang out with the people you know well? I was complemented on being a great hostess, which is lovely to hear since I just make sure everything is kept well stocked & basically leave people to help themselves. It is meant to be casual & relaxed, which is why it’s works well to be in someone’s home. Everybody mingles freely without the pressure picking up their share of the tab if they want to leave early. I consider myself to be very lucky to have such a beautiful home to entertain in, & although I’m very particular & a typical type A in many ways, I have a very open door – as long as you don’t go anywhere near my craft room unless I am supervising you.

After waking up a bit ropey this morning, I am now finishing off leftover wine before facing another week of crazy life. I’m sure I will see several parents who enjoyed socializing, & what you realize when you get talking to them is that everyone’s left is just as crazy as yours, they just have a different calendar of craziness!

School Camp…

This is the 3rd time my elder son has gone to camp. It’s a little bit strange without him, especially at swim club tonight as we got home an hour earlier. I’m not in the slightest bit worried about him, he’s very independent, but there is a big storm brewing here in BC so he could be paddling home in a kayak!

All good character building.

The secret life of school lockers…

Many of us often innocently say/do/imply something without realizing how it might sound to other people. Mums are possibly one of the worst for this. We are constantly watching what we say & how we say it because our innocent little darlings pick up on everything, therefore, we can often be quick at picking up on something that could easily be misinterpreted.

Yesterday one of the Motherboard mum’s asked if anyone would like some fresh herbs from her garden for Thanksgiving. She was cutting them all back before the weather turned really cold, & didn’t want to just throw them away. She had several takers. During this thread she also asked if anyone would like some Girl Guide cookies, again she had a few customers. As the thread progressed another mum asked if anyone would like fresh Bay leaves from her garden. She also had a few takers, including me.

It was decided that because we are all often in & out of school so quickly & therefore cannot guarantee seeing each other, it was probably best that the cookies & the herbs were left in our kids lockers. This is where it started to look very suspect, & we do live Vancouver where people think nothing of mixing herbs into cookies. However, we certainly don’t want to be encouraging such behavior among our children, especially when they are very vocal among the throngs of other adults when questioning why there are ‘herbs & cookies’ in their locker. One then feels one has to explain that they it’s not what they think, they are ‘fresh herbs from a friends garden’ & ‘Girl Guide cookies because we want to show our support’.

Sadly, I forgot to prime my 7 year old & explain that he would find one of these ‘dodgy’ items in his locker. I already have my cookies, but my bay leaves were deposited in his locker this morning. He thought they we just a bag of old leaves so he promptly deposed of them in the playground, watching them all blow away in the breeze was very fun apparently!

So there you have it, the secrets that can be held within your child’s locker, it could open a whole lot of news doors for all kinds of swapping, & smuggling, & the exchange of ‘goods’. I’m sure it’s all been done before, but it would make a interesting plot for a crime novel.

TGI Friday!

Yes I know I missed yesterday, but it was curriculum night at school, soccer, homework & somewhere in all of that we all had to eat dinner. How did my life suddenly get so crazy? Oh yes, back to school doesn’t mean chill out at the spa or have coffee with a friend. No, it means the kids have a better social life than you & you are just a glorified taxi service. And make sure you have your shit together at home because the laundry is about to double & the food consumption is about to triple!

I’ve got 2 words to say… Gin & Tonic.

Happy weekend – we have 2hours of drum lessons starting at 9am tomorrow morning!